Olympus E-500 Operating Instructions

Olympus E-500 Operating Instructions




  2. The fact I can get it right away with the best of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the best way 

  3. Focus Bracket in E500 is the WOW thing I ever used in DSLR. Sorry that FW > 1.0 remove this.

  4. Very helpful video. Thank you very much.

  5. Stephen Stewart-Smith

    Made my mind up ones coming my way now

  6. this video allows you to get the most out of your camera, explore all the possibilities

  7. This Video Is Great Help, Keep Up The Good Work !

  8. I´m not sure if the E-500 works with large memorycards. I have used my old 1GB all years. I think the E-500 can handle at least 4GB but I would suggest you to contact Olympus support for the correct information regarding that.

  9. do you know if there's any limitation of the memorycard i can put in the E-500? i am tempted of buying an 32gig memorycard for it, but i dont know if there's any limitation on the cards?

  10. I like Olympus. My favourite is the PEN E-P1 which I can recommend. The budget version E-PL1 is also very nice with good quality pictures for a lower price.

  11. ah thank you! =) by the way, do you have any "newer" camera to recommend?

  12. Hi, probably a dead pixel on the ccd sensor. You can run the "pixel mapping" command from the camera settings menu. This should remove the red dot. It´s good to do that now and then.

  13. i still use my E-500 but lately i have goten a red dot on a few of my photos i have taken with it.

    can you explain why that is happening?

  14. May Joy Nagygyorgy

    Thanks for the video

  15. No video recording is possible with the E-500

  16. does this camera record videos?

  17. Thanks for video.

  18. I loved your post.Much thanks again. gkddgdgccgdeaedc

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