Olympus E-5 DSLR hands on at Photokina – Which? first look

Olympus E-5 DSLR hands on at Photokina – Which? first look



  1. Surely very behind the technology..

  2. sure then pay from the subscription

  3. is it bulltet proof?

  4. I'll stick with my 5D MKII thanks lol

  5. Im relieved when olympus really meant "dust proof, weather proof, etc"
    My friend actually washed it with tap water every time he finished shooting, just to clean it before it gets to his camera bag

    unlike Cano* n Niko*, which claims "dust proof" , YEAH RIGHT, remove 1/100 of the dust inside your sensor, then it is legally claimed "dust proof"

  6. i hate that fucking 4/3 format, but this camera looks so good

  7. IceFreshProductions

    £1500 :O What would you say is better the Olympus E-5 or Pentax K-7 / K-5

  8. IceFreshProductions

    Only just noticed your sat on a huge chair lol.

  9. @sirtechy I'm afraid for that kind of comparison you will have to log on to our website

  10. How does this Olympus compare to the Lumix GH2?

  11. LOl, that is the Olympus powerhouse omg they are fkd

  12. @peterbitos 18-180mm f3.5-6.3 About 6 years old lens, copied from a Sigma's design.

  13. what's the lens being mounted in this video?

  14. @starclad Funny you should say that, we head-hunted Ben when he was working at the north pole, maybe he wasn't worth the money. I think Santa's service has been lacking a bit since he left as well.

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