Nikon VS Canon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

Nikon VS Canon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

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  1. forgot to mention Canon advantage
    24mm f1.4
    50mm f1.8 ultra cheap
    400mm f5.6 ultra cheap
    100mm f2

  2. Nicolas Bertolotti

    Is that a fart sound at 6:00? LOL

  3. I am really confused what to buy.
    Nikon D5200 or Canon Eos 700D?
    Plase help!

  4. and just to think Ansell Adams just used a 4×5 camera…basically some bellows and a fine lens… to get the most amazing photographs ever!!!! ha ha…..

  5. Sissy Solomon (TheCoinsShop)

    I like your T-shirt man ! Cool :)

  6. madelle castillo

    what can you say about my nikon cool pixd530?? i bought this on the store who sell nikon and canon .. but they offer a nikon coz its a good quality…

  7. D5300 and D5500

  8. I basically think of Nikon and Canon as the same company.

  9. lol everything on his note sheet is highlighted…doesn't that negate the point of highlighting?


    What do you think of the Pentax K-3? To me…it really seems like great bang for your buck.

  11. knightrider3000

    d810 vs 5d mark 3? no match… 5d mark 3 too soft for jpgs and poor dynamic range. d810 vs d4s

  12. knightrider3000

    7d mark 2 on the list but not the d7100 d7200?

  13. knightrider3000

    nikon for stills. canon for video

  14. i want to kill this motherfuckr. for real

  15. I want a full frame camera, I'm comfortable with canon.. I'm planning for Canon 6D! Its fits my Budget.. I just want a yes or no.. If its a no plz give me another suggestions.. plz do rply

  16. Pentax is Great too! Check out the K30 Totally water Resistant!

  17. knightrider3000

    a nikon d7100 beats all those cameras

  18. can you do a video on what makes a good glass?

  19. Charisse Ventura

    Does anybody know a good camera to start with? I'm only 13 and I take photography lessons.

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