Nikon vs Canon – Best DSLR for beginners?

Nikon vs Canon – Best DSLR for beginners?

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  1. mahmoud abdel-hakim

    hi , iam a beginner iam going to by dslr camera , which is better nicon d3100 or canon d1200

  2. At present nikon d5500 is the best for any levl .any profetion …really its great than canon 760d or 750d

  3. I would like to buy an entry level DSLR. These are the following models which I have shortlisted.

    Canon 100D (Rebel SL1)
    Nikon D3300
    Nikon D5300
    Nikon D5500
    Sony A6000

    Could you please suggest which one should I go for. My primary concern is image quality, fast accurate AF in live view, user interface, etc. I am mostly into landscape, architecture and wedding photography.

    Thank you,


  4. iam confused and i want to decide nikon d3200 or canon 600d

  5. GREAT video that seriously stands out to me over other youtubers for combining the following attributes, none are unique to you, but the combination is rare:

    Video and audio quality
    Brevity (You got the the point without random cutaways or wasting time)
    No yelling or any dumb shit like that.

     You have earned my subscription!

  6. Personally iv never used a nikon at all, I originally started with a Panasonic lumix g2, was a really good camera and done everything that I wanted it to but lacked the 1080p video and amount of lenses available . Iv just upgraded to the Canon eos 650d and I find it to be borderline amazing. Ultra clear images with a lot more control over exposure, apature and saturation. I am more of a cinematographer and feel the 650d is more than I need at the minute as it records 1080p at 24fps, at least until I have enough cash for a c100 or a red.

  7. Nikon 5100D or Caon Eos 600D on video?

  8. cannon 1200 d has and extra lens 100 mm to 250 mm and aslo 55 mm lens but nikon doesn't gives soo which one is better?????

  9. Kieran Fitzpatrick

    Does any other brand of camera come into the equation?? In every single video I've seen, it's Nikon or Canon. Are they really that far ahead of their competitors???

  10. WTF

  11. hey bro between 1200d and d5100 which one should i get? 

    purpose is occasional photography and Documentary films

  12. Can you tell me guys which one is better for Video shooting and film making? nikon d3200 or canon 1200d? It will be a great help I'm confused.

  13. talk. slower.

  14. what does F stand for?

  15. Im a canon fan

  16.  Just switched from Canon to Nikon, got a deal for full frame I couldn't pass up….selling all my Canon gear if anyone is interested. 85mm1.8 70-200 2.8 Yongnuo Flash gunhttp:// Camera kit

  17. Nikon 5200 and 3300 are great options ! If you are considering video go for canon , for portraits nikon's are the best and use prime lenses rather than kit lens 35mm is a great option !

  18. motor mouth

  19. This is true. I bought Nikon d3200 my first dslr, n that graphic thing really helped me. Now i got full understanding of f, speed iso etc.

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