Nikon School D-SLR Tutorials – Advantages of D-SLR – Session 1

Nikon School D-SLR Tutorials – Advantages of D-SLR – Session 1

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  1. Bhupendra Phondba

    It is a really nice effort by Nikon. All video tutorials are highly informative. For beginners these tutorials are perfect start. I recently brought D5200 as my first DSLR and like every beginner I was also in dilemma about which settings to be used. In fact these tutorials are like pathway for beginners and are very useful for making clear understanding about the basic concepts of photography using DSLR. I am sure that these tutorials will create an urge to further explore DSLR photography. Thank you Nikon for such a wonderful effort!

  2. Varzdad Patrawala

    What a great experience no need to attend any classes or institute Nikon India is enough just check out all their videos on regular intervals, plus you should have Nikon DSLR with you to learn fast. I got my D5300 unpacked today. Thanks Nikon India.

  3. I just my Nikon and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this tutorial all the way in South Africa!


  4. could you please share about differences in files-—–> raw+f , raw+n , raw+b , raw , fine , normal and basic.
    Thanx in advance.. :-)

  5. whoooo… why learn from an institute,or collage.. i got every thing from Nikon India.. I am going to purchase a DSLR camera…. sooon..

  6. hi, my name is Narender singh and i m a dslr beginner. i have a problem that when i take photo in RAW format then the size of the image become near 20 MB. When i edit it by using Photoshop and save as in JPEG format then the size of the image reduce to 8 to 9 MB and i m saving the image in Photoshop at high quality. but 8 MB is a very large size for any image because i see many of the images of 1 or 2 MB these are more clear and sharper then my image. so my problem is that my file size is too high and quality is very low even these are 8MB files on the other hand some other pictures which i saw there are 2 mb in size and having high quality. so please uplode a video how to edit RAW file with minimum file size and higher the quality, my email is send me the link of video, thanks

  7. Vinayak Patwardhan

    thank u ..this is a very usefull information

  8. No, a liitle wrong in the information, the full frame camera on Nikon's sensor is 35.9 by 24 mm, But canon is exactly 36 by 24, why nikon is a .1 mm smaller ? would u please make it clear. ??

  9. I am proud to be a member of  Nikon family

  10. thank you so much nikon

  11. Abdul Razak Mohammad

    Good information for Nikon team. 

  12. I fan of speech of rohan sir simply describing the depth knowledge a Lehman also may dip into sea of dslr knowledge 

  13. Carl winston Abanilla

    Its helpful men im a newbie and you guys explain much easier and much understandable for a newbie…. More power nikon team….thamk you

  14. Thanks Nikon, thanks sir !

  15. It is really a shame that you guys are from the technical team and how briefly u described the working of a DSLR,I mean any guy can u tell you in that way how a DSLR works.You should have gone ahead and told us how different it is from a simple point and shoot camera and why the hell it costs you a hole in your pocket and why a professional photographer don't use point and shoot cameras.I was expecting a lot,but you guys just ticked me off,absolutely awful!!

  16. Hi there, I am also Nikon DLSR owner. Tnx for these free Nikon School DLSR tutorial. It helps me a lot and give an idea how to use my Nikon D5300 as well. God speed…

  17. Nikon team India: Excellent job! well done! in compare to different and several tutorial videos available online, your series are based on an academic pathway and totally useful and conceivable. we (as an international Art school) wish you to continue your episodes to finish the level of beginners, then intermediate as well as advanced level. kind regard and good luck :)

  18. Shakil Ahmed (shakzy)

    .. ThanQ buddys   for ur tutorials   .. it helps me a lot .. 🙂 🙂 

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