NIkon DSLR Universal Remote – Works with Nikon D5100,D5200, D5500, D7100 etc etc

NIkon DSLR Universal Remote – Works with Nikon D5100,D5200, D5500, D7100 etc etc

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  1. Christophe Paccard

    Hi I would like to know what kind of tripod you have please?

  2. hi ! Does this work with Nikon D3000 ?? 
    Please reply ASAP !

  3. Thank you

  4. Thanks I finally found instructions and settings. I got the same remote for 1.00 on Amazon. So I got three of them. Using on D5500 works great. Thanks again.
    My only comment is show the menu item better on the screen. Speak a little slower and show exactly what you are referring to on the screen

  5. Nice video, can it use for recording as well? I am looking for a remote to help with recording on my DSLR3200.

  6. i have d700 full frame camera is it work with it,if yes then wats setting.hw to do

  7. Hi buddy, thank`s for video. Question – does this remote control works also for continuous shooting mode enabling/disabling?
    For example – I install camera under the aircraft, then sit in the cockpit and during flight I do launch continuous shooting mode only at these moments when I do need it.

    Is it possible to control it such way? Like multiple times switch on this mode and switch off?

  8. Why does the AF light turns on when I use the remote? How can I turn it off?

  9. You are cheap, lol. 4 buck difference between Honk Kong and US price. Not worth waiting a month to get the remote for 4 bucks. Do you take your photos in auto, or you just set it like that for the remote test? If you do, I recommend RAW format. The best.

  10. Will this remote work on a d3200?

  11. I paid $0,99 but didn't have a box, or soft pouch xD it works great though, thanks for the explanation. 

  12. I want to know is good for nikon coolpix l810 26x

  13. Do you need a wireless connecter thing? I have a d5200. Will it work straight out of the box?

  14. LOL, the only reason i'd buy it is because of the size, until i have it i use my tv remote for it 🙂
    Stopped trying after 6 buttons that worked on my d5100.
    Unfortunatl my remote of my rgb led lamp doesn't work, it's about the size of the Nikon remote.

    Try it yourself if you have any IR remote from tv radio or whatever.

    Thanks for the video!

  15. We have ir blasters on the 3300, it should. 

  16. Does it work with Nikon D5300?
    Also can I focus on subject by this remote.

    Just as half pressing the button on camera focus on subjects. Is remote does the same! 

  17. Does it work with nikon d3100??? 

  18. If you click it can it also start video?

  19. Thanks for the video but I viewed it to see how the remote works with the BULB setting, For instance do you press it and hold it during exposure then release it at the end of the time say 2 minutes? Do you press it to open the shutter then press it again to close the shutter after 2 minutes? Or after you have pressed it how do you close the shutter? All the best

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