Nikon DSLR Fine Tune Auto Focus

Nikon DSLR Fine Tune Auto Focus

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  1. "you dont want to wait a year to fix this minor issue".
    I'm ashamed. I don't wan't to tell you how many years I've been using a 35mm f/1.8 without fixing this issue. ahahah (but I always knew something was wrong) check some of the photos I've produced without fixing this issue: I think I managed to bypass this issue sometimes. haha
    thank you A LOT! (=

  2. Great info, Just what I was looking for. I used a word doc on an ipad and it worked great with the black letters on the white background.

  3. Jonathan D. Lopez

    +Glen Davis Each lens individually needs adjusting.  The + is for pushing the focus back, and the – is for pulling the focus forward.  Most of the time it is best to focus in the longest focal length.  This is because the lens has the shallowest depth of field at this length, and is more noticeable when off.

    In some occasions, the lens is focusing incorrectly at different focal lengths.  If that's the case, you most likely need to have it serviced.

  4. each separate lens need the fine adjustment? The 12-24 I use is tack sharp in foreground. Which way do I adjust and at what focal length? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi ..
    Thank you very much for this short great tutorial..
    I have the same camera D7000
    With the Nikon 18-105 mm 1:3-5.6G lens
    I am not sure where should I stop my saved value at ?!

  6. So my D200 doesn't seem have AF fine tune.
    I don't see it in the set up menu.

  7. D90 doesn't have AF fine tune? or where can i calibrate my AF on my D90?

  8. hello i have question. i own  nikon d 7100. which lens you recomand me  to heve a good quality and auto focus

  9. you don't need a year to fix it! :))

  10. i have the tamron 17 to 50 mm should i have to use this setting ?

  11. great video

  12. I have a 300mm lens.  How would I go about fine tuning the auto focus for this lens?  I have been struggling with blurry photos!  I thought it was my camera :(

  13. Thanks for all your help! this is going to make a difference

  14. If it do this to fix one lense does it change the others?

  15. WOW, thats great, never knew that.. I hope I can do that in my Canon as well!

  16. I did this and discovered that even at -20 it is focusing on just behind the point I am focusing on. Do you have any advice? I used graph paper and wrote "hello" on it. I focused on the "e" and the sharp part was just above the word "hello"

  17. Ts Teyah Valdomero

    What would be your best setting advice for d90 for movie mode and for pictures

  18. Ts Teyah Valdomero

    You should make video for d90 aswell having trouble focusing during movie mode

  19. Pablo x (xkuruma)

    Hi, I have a question, I found that my 50mm 1.8G was front focusing at f1.8, at f2 was perfectly focused, and from f2.8 and smaller it was back focusing, BAD. The eyes would be blurred and the ears in focus, in every shot. 
    Can you fine tune by different aperture settings? or is it just one adjustment per lens ?

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