Nikon DSLR Errors and How to FIX Them NOW!

Nikon DSLR Errors and How to FIX Them NOW!

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  1. And this error ::auto exposur error on nikon d5100 it on only for manual mode but when open flash i get the same error

  2. Question. I put an older 50mm 1.8d on the d90 but it does not open up the lens, and trough the visor it's dark.

  3. brothers i have problem with CHA IN MY NIKON D50 Can any body help

  4. Recently, I purchased a D3200, and I cannot use my Nikkor 60 mm micro lens with this camera. I have owned two other nikon D70 and D300 and never had a problem using this lens. The message I get is "lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture" of course I have the lens set and locked at "32". I have tried cleaning the contacts, and other suggestions from online forums, nothing works. I have no issue with my other lens(18-70mm).

  5. prachal bhargava

    Hi, getting error- r18 on my D5200. any inputs would be helpful. Thanks

    WHAT DOES for error message stand for. How can it be fixed?

  7. How can I fix the CHA on the D 700.
    I format the cf card in camera and Macbook for FAT and then back in the Nikon and format on the card.
    Still same message. I add any other card and have the same message.

    Any help please.

    Email me please at

    Thanks in advance. 

  8. looking at a camera, it has auto exposure error, contact authorized Nikon service representative. im thinking i should leave this camera alone. any ideas ??

  9. did as u said but no change

  10. When i put in the sd card in my nikon d50 " CHA" appears on the display. camera wont shoot. please help

  11. Thank you so much for a quick easy fix

  12. John Baharoff Sr.

    Thanks to you I got my N90's error code corrected. SDHC card's switch was in on position, but it still didn't work, so all I did move the switch on & off few times. Now it's working. Thanks again Eric.

  13. Hey Eric… It was nice to meet you in person at B&H. I was the B&H employee that said hi to you over by the Kiosks. You are an awesome person. Keep up the good work. 

  14. How to fix a Nikon DSLR error, easy, buy a Canon. Lol j/k

  15. Thanks Eric that's very helpful and very informative.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  16. Having issues with your Nikon DSLR? What are the common error codes and messages? Here the fix. #art #photography

  17. My D7000 says ERR flashing sometimes and it doesnt let me do anything turning on n off dnt work removing the battery doesnt do anything. What could that mean ? 

  18. Happy holidays Eric. On a few occasions, my D7000 gave me a plain ERR message, yes I freaked out at first. What I usually do is take off the lens and shoot a few frames, take out the battery for a few secs after. I suspected the issue was with the Vello Grip. I stopped using the grip and haven't seen the error since. I am not bad mouthing Vello as I own a few Vello equipment. My grip was a couple yrs old and I guess it's seen its days. 

  19. To the fEE error, you can also go into the menu settings and change the command dials to aperture ring so you can actually use the aperture ring on the older lens. Handy for shooting video if your dslr doesn't have power aperture. But I think this only works on the higher end cameras..not sure if they work on the entry level bodies. 

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