Nikon DSLR Auto Focus Settings

Nikon DSLR Auto Focus Settings

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  1. that was such a great way to end the video HAHAHAHAHA ???????? Thanks so much for all your help!

  2. When ever I take a picture with my Nikon D7000 in af-s the picture I preview later has some sort of focusing dots. How should I remove those? 

  3. Loved the ending hahaha

  4. Yeah sure I'll read and have read the manual. But… Your instructions sure helped me out in an early morning, how was that again, problem… Thanks man! 

  5. ok sir, thanks

  6. Andresson Muniz Stephens

    thanks for your video. I found few things I wasn't sure. Well done for the video. 

  7. How to change the focusing dots in nikon d7000….

  8. Hi nice video. Thanks
    Just a quick question: if I set up the focus for each lenses I have, does the camera will recognize the settings for each lenses when I change them? thanks

  9. i have a question about auto focus for video,..
    if i set up my camera on a tripod say 8 foot away from a chair that  my subject is setting in,..  they take up a small portion of the available screen but are in focus,..
    if i manually frame in the persons say head and shoulders by adjusting the turn stops on the lens , then change to auto focus will it keep the framing of the shot as their head and shoulders, but adjust for them leaning in and out?
    i say this because i have tried to set it up lie that but couldn't get it to work .
    and think perhaps it is a setting  issue maybe.

    my results have been it just locks in at the focal spot i started at and doesn't seem to auto focus at all,.. even though i have set it to AF
    i am new to this level of camera and frankly my cheapo video cam is so much easier to use for such activities im almost regretting spending money for the upgrade.

    even on still photos,.. focusing is a nightmare with this camera so far,..
    it says to half depress the button to auto focus the shot ,.. but when i do it goes and auto focuses it till the box is green but doesn't stay there when it hits green,.. so i get this constant oooopps i just past it back to red thing going on.

    the learning curve is pretty steep when one moves from a  point and shoot camera to a camera like the d7000


  10. Well i'm going for a holiday.. it's time to test my D7000 and my prime lenses 🙂

  11. So the camera will focus close up and then slow down for say flowers 5 inches away ? thanks

  12. Jonathan D. Lopez

    Oh, and to give you some more information on macro modes on point and shoots, it merely tells the camera to slow down the focusing, and to focus on close distances.

  13. Jonathan D. Lopez

    You need to have a macro lens in order to take macro photos.

  14. Hi, is there a macro setting on the d 700 ?

  15. Jonathan D. Lopez

    It's a good lens. I just stick to the 50mm AF-D because I frequently need to use macro extension tubes.

  16. I have already switched to 1.8G which is more smooth and silent

  17. Jonathan D. Lopez

    Not really. AF-D lenses all use the camera motor which is a beast.

  18. Nikkor 50mm 1.8D is making such a noise.. is there anyway to reduce it?

  19. Jonathan D. Lopez

    You'll figure it out eventually…

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