1. Guillermo Jass (memo)

    the Best Olympus

  2. Holly Smokes what  if OLYMPUS comes out with full frame camera and sticks some super clean bright glass on a f1.2 lens…..they would own the Full frame market…

  3. Olympus wins!

  4. I'm not sure what would justify giving this video a thumbs down. I just bought the OMD 5, so I'm a little biased, but the color difference was astonishing. The sky literally looked bluer. amazing. Thanks for the awesome video.

  5. I watched it twice just for the music! Its like an Indian Elephant Walk. Now, "price check Olympus OM-D E-M5"

  6. Dark Light Katy

    Looks like size doesnt matter anyways xD
    The Nikon is a LOT bigger ,but the ''small'' olympus really defeated it in every shot.

  7. Srinivas Channappa

    Olympus way ahead

  8. Olympus killed the NIKON…..amazing little sensor! 

  9. I just got an OMD E-M 5. I took my first 1.000 pics mostly in Belize. Since I stopped using my first and very best SLR Minolta 4000i about 15(!) yrs ago I was waiting for "something" digital I can take a good pics with. This (OMD) camera is just awsome. It's handy (very important – I don't want to carry a big camera bag with me anymore), great quality, tones of options that really work. I'm still learning and it takes a whille but I'm totally amazed so far. Thanks Blunty for helping me to decide

  10. I like the Oly and I can throw it into my backpack and carry it with me. I was looking at the EM1 but it seems expensive for only the body.

  11. Well, the OM-D certainly has the upper hand here, but ultimatley, no one buys the OM-D for its video quality, surely? None of the Nikons have good video modes either. At least no where near what the m4/3 systems have, first and foremost the GH3. The Canon Mk3 certainly is on par or even better than the GH3 but costs a shit ton more of money. Well, so far i believed people buy the OM-D because it looks sexy, is super light, cheap and has stunning stills qualities, but not for video

  12. Olympus wins, flawless victory, fatality!

  13. Salvador Espinosa

    OMD much much sharper!! is it M4/3 lens magic or something on the camera? or both

  14. it'not about who's the "best"……it's about what (not "whom"……don't be sily, kid) is CORRECT. Now go & study the basics, you've got at least a year or two reading.

  15. Thanks Blunty, this has really helped me decide which way I'm going. Definitely OM. Ta very much.

  16. Arutemishareborn

    Ok, Mr.Arrogant….you're the best…lol….

  17. @Arutemishareborn this stupid comment of yours (like EvilStunts above) should make you humble enough to go back & study, & STOP posting any similar comments for at least 1-2 years till you learn.

  18. @TheEvilstunts this stupid comment of yours should make you humble enough to go back & study, & STOP posting any similar comments for at least 1-2 years till you learn.

  19. I was thinking the same thing. The Nikon 85 1.4 should not be stabilized and this is a HUGE difference especially for video.

  20. OMD EM5 is the present and the future
    this thing is making nikon and canons run for their money

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