Nikon D750 DSLR Preview – Wex Photographic

Nikon D750 DSLR Preview – Wex Photographic

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  1. Hi Matt – get ready for the people returning their new D750's if the reports of internal flare are correct……

  2. In Live View while taking stills, can I see the effect of changing the aperture on the LCD screen without going in and out of live view please?

  3. Should I buy this or should I wait for Samsung NX1 ?

  4. Ajinkya: i was in the same Dilema. Jumping from a D5100 to a 7100. After reading for months i will switch to the D750. FX is more expensive and so are the lenses but i think it's worth it. You can start with thebody only and purchase separetely the 50mm 1.8G.

  5. Johnny CincoCero

    For 2300 dollars, this is a great camera. To say that my d80, no I didn't leave out a zero, is long in the tooth, is a gross understatement. This will be my next DSLR. Can't wait.

  6. i want to buy camera i am very confused shall i go for full frame or crop .Which camera should i buy nikon d7100 or nikon d750 

  7. Is this a 610 with swivel screen? No thanks ( esp for 2199 euros….)

  8. This looks like what the Nikon D600 release should have been.   

  9. Wex Photographic

    The Nikon D750 is here – and we've had a play with one already! Click here to find out what's new #nikon  #d750 #nikond750 

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