Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D Part 2 – Video Features | Which is the best Video DSLR

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D Part 2 – Video Features | Which is the best Video DSLR

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  1. That is why Nikon is the choice of youth . ..

  2. since when was the 7d know for video?

  3. what is the best cameras from canon and Nikon for wedding videos today ??? 2015

  4. what is the best lens for use on nikon 7100 for wedding videos ????

  5. nikon all day

  6. if you have manual aperture control on a nikon compatible lens like a nikkor 1.8D, then you can manually change aperture in live view. just be sure to set manual aperture control in your menu.

  7. What do you think is better Camera at desame time For Video filming ? Nikon or Canon? and what will you recommended camera? Please reply :') thx.

    But why would you even use a DSLR over actual HD video Cam ??

  9. Just got a 7D because it has one advantage over the D7100: Magic Lantern and RAW shooting.

  10. any away for live view F/ change in 7100D?
    it's Good for Video
    Like short movies and documentary..!!etc

  11. Hey, does the nikon d7100 have full manual control when shooting video as I have the nikon d5100 just now and when you shoot video the camera decides what settings to use for the best exposure even tho I am in manual mode! It is very annoying! Thanks

  12. What about max recording time with both cameras ?? Any high temps issue in any camera ?? 
    Thanks for the answer !!

  13. Hi Dan,iam great follower of your channel and learnt a lot from this,iam planning to upgrade my camera to more professional camera right now i have sony a57,and confused between nikon d7100,cannon 70D and & 7D,can you please help me between these three cameras which one is the best to buy..

    Your help is highly appreciated

  14. One big thing not mentioned, which is evident in the comparison is the Nikon has a noticeable higher dynamic range. Look at how dark the Canon is when shooting the trees, and look at the grass shot. Much higher dynamic range with the Nikon.

  15. I love this channel. Thanks so much

  16. I am sorry disable it. try again to send me another message about the Nikon or the Canon Thank you. I didnt get your other message.

  17. By the way, you have contact lock enabled on youtube so I am unable to reply to you via the message unless you disable it or add me as a contact. 

  18. I would save up or wait for a deal to get the Canon 70D. It is well worth it for video over the 7D and Nikon D7100. The Nikon D7100 would have been great except that you can't change the aperture while shooting which is huge for me and made it unusable. The 70D is a huge improvement on the 7D in terms of video though from both ergonomics to quality as well as features and well worth the money. In fact, I use the Canon 70D over my Canon 5D Mark III all the time. 

  19. which camera do you recommend for Filming Nikon D7100 or Canon 7D how about the Nikon d7000?

  20. Canon 70d is better then both

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