Nikon D7100 is best value Nikon DSLR

Nikon D7100 is best value Nikon DSLR

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  1. where can i buy this for $400 in the us?

  2. Thanks for the review, one thing i must know and i am very confused about it, i bought nikon d7100 based on ur review but lot of people speacially tony and chelsa said 50mm 1.8 lens works as 75mm 2.9 since it is crop sensor 1.5. About focal length i dont mind but if f value changes from 1.8 to 2.9 thn i dont thing its a smart buy. Please clarify this confusion thanks

  3. Good review! thanks, just one more thing need inside this camera only Full Frame. Everything else so perfect

  4. I just got it coming from a D50 but invested in good nikkors (17-55 F2,8 and 300MM F4 AfS) This is such a fine combination like a dream comes true.

  5. I've got a D90 & SB600. I'm thinking of getting this D7100 & the SB910, along with the new 18-300 6.3G lens to add onto my newest lens I just got this week the 105mm. Is the upgrade from the d90 /sb600 to d7100/sb910 worth it? Supposedly there was another rumor Bout the d9300 coming out, or should I just wait. =} thanks

  6. Give me one, man. Please. Share your joy with me.

  7. "Feels like it would be Matt proof" – love it.

  8. Best review I have listened to. Thanx Matt! :-)

  9. This is just amazing camera.

  10. I think you just made a sale for Nikon!  Great review, thanks!

  11. Sorry Matt that previous post should read, "did not experience the problem you were talking about shooting at ISO 3200" All my shots at 3200 on the D7100 were consistent.

  12. Hey Matt, did not experience the problem you were talking about (shooting at ISO 320 on the D71000). All my shots at that ISO are consistent.

  13. Another excellent no nonsense review by Matt Grainger

  14. Good review,practical realistic and unlike all the American reviewers, Matt pronounces the product name correctly, Ni-kon not Nai-kon

  15. Cessna readyfortakeoff

    Iwatch hrs of u tube vids on this camera done tons of reasearch and you said buy one that is good and start shooting and I got a d5200 but iam going to change it for D7100 thanks to you!

  16. Best Nikon value ever !!!
    At least so far.

  17. Hey Matt, can you advise me about my dilemma?
    I own a Nikon D90 a year and I learned a lot with him, he now has 9000 records and I would like to replace the D7100. Some people have said "are you crazy, use it more," and other people tell me, "replacing it with the D7100, the younger the better." What do you think about this?

    Sorry for my language, I am a Serb.

  18. which gives better quality 18-105mm or 55-300mm nikor lenses

  19. @PhotoNewsReviews I have a Nikon D3200 but i would like upgrade to something better however the Nikon D7100 is out of my price range, do you have any good recommendations of other cameras

  20. Well said this is the first DX camera that makes FX not needed for pro work IMHO

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