Nikon D7100 is best value Nikon DSLR

Nikon D7100 is best value Nikon DSLR

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  1. Matt such a passive guy, funny to hear him raise his blood pressure over that two-lock button set up. He's the best.

  2. for once….. we agree on something. If you use DxO optics noise reduction you can shoot this camera at 6400 ISO and beyond.

  3. And that's how you do a review!!

  4. I love it when you say "stupid". Great information!

  5. Thanks Matt! I think I'm buying this now :)

  6. Cutting Edge Cool

    Great video!

  7. when i bought d7100 i was surprised that the image quality im getting is like 3x better than my old canon 5d mark 2. d7100 is so much fun and that autofocus is a joy to use. i just use this shooting everyday stuff like food and candid shots outdoors and its really better than my 5d mark 2. i use the d7100 with the 35mm 1.8g and i cant wish for anything else. i usr thr 50mm on my 5d mark 2, but i think i need to retire with canon. thanks, matt for reassuring my choice

  8. I reported it as well Matt. I only clicked on it because I saw Matt and then realized it wasn't his video. Only real scum does this.

  9. Julissa Toothaker must own naughty pictures of Matt Granger lol

  10. Think it's pretty sad when someone has to copy a video from someone else.  Matt Granger puts a lot of effort into his videos and for you to copy his content is sad.  Wonder why it has taken over 5 months for youtube to respond to the original content owners objections to this being posted?  Does anyone at you tube even care?

  11. Para hacer un tutorial la persona que explica debe hablar muy pausado para que los que escuchamos tengamos tiempo a procesar la información,cuál es la necesidad de explicar todo eso en ocho minutos ?.

  12. What's the difference between using the crop mode and simply cropping in Lightroom?

  13. Oooooooiiiilllllllllllooooolllll

  14. Just bought a D7100 from Christian at RYDA dot Com in Petersham in Sydney…absolutely fabulous deal & he could not do enough to help.Don't waste your time buying grey DSLR's on Ebay.No Nikon warranty!!!!!

  15. Please report this person that steals videos. 

  16. Wow – how did we make such similar videos?

    Remove it immediately or I will report the channel and hopefully have it closed. May make it difficult to peddle the CRAP you are trying to promote in your caption

  17. What was the video recorded with?

  18. John Wojciechowski

    I'd like to know what lens was on the camera.

  19. Got this as my first dslr :p regret of getting the 15-140mm lens, now I cant get a 50mm f1.8G T.T

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