Nikon D5500 DSLR Unboxing & First Look

Nikon D5500 DSLR Unboxing & First Look

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  1. Yeah I picked mine. You can visit my channel for first impression of my Nikon D5200.

  2. your cam is focusing is good.. nd t-shirt too.. :)

  3. what is the lens u fixed to this? :)

  4. Why can't Nikon learn from Canon re: continuous focusing during video. Tracking a moving subject is so painful for Nikon. No doubt their images are superb. 

  5. Are you using the 18 – 140mm lens on this video? 

  6. Thanks for the video.
    I was wondering if you had a chance to compare image quality with the D3200?
    Have you noticed any visible improvements?
    Thanks again.

  7. i have a couple questions if you don't mind :

    1. is focusing in live view still as buggy as in d 5300?
    2. still lack of aperture change in live view photo mode?
    3. off camera flash trigger ability?

    those problems especially number 1 and 2 that keep me off from getting d5300, that leaves me no choice but a much higher price d7100 with older sensor 

  8. Tawfiq Omar (tawfego)

    What camera did you use it shoot the video? After using it now, do you recommend buying this d5500 or shall I wait for the Canon t6s? Thank you.

  9. Hell yeah geoff, where did you get that shirt? I fucking love the witcher. 

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