Nikon D5200 DSLR – How-To Use This Camera

Nikon D5200 DSLR – How-To Use This Camera

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  1. Thank you very much…..

  2. my camera"s cont H setting is clicking the same as the cont L setting…can anyone tell me why?

  3. Thank you!!!! Love your video

  4. today i got Nikon D5200  and this tutorial is very helpful..Great one

  5. Good video. I am beginner and just confused whether i should go with D3300 or D5200. Which one should be good option.

  6. Kindly like & share this facebook page. Thank you

  7. Excelente. Buen resumen de sus características. Estoy migrando de la Nikon D5100 a la D5200 y este video me fue muy útil.

  8. really useful tips  … thank you

  9. Thanks a lot, this video really helps :)

  10. What is the [ 3.9]k flashing on the lcd mean ?

  11. Great video just wanted to ask does this camera have a viewfinder?

  12. Thank You for making the Video :D

  13. Hello! Would you recommend this for travelling? 

  14. Can you please make a "How to use Nikon D5300" video tutorial.

    – via YTPak(.com)

  15. go fuck your feet !!!


  16. Very helpfull!!

  17. Is it possible to shoot at 2.35:1

  18. can you tell me how to succesfully make a movie from Nctilucent clouds at nighttime ? ( focus is sky at nighttime )

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