Nikon D5100 DSLR Review

Nikon D5100 DSLR Review

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  1. Thank you

  2. Thomas Griffiths

    Good review I ended up with a Nikon D5200 but I have a friend who has the D5100 and I think it's just as good. "as it's not the camera that makes the photographer or cinematographer"

  3. nikon d5100 is touch screen ?

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  5. Computing Forever

    Well it's only a short preview for the trailered video. Please feel free to share this video in order to shore up the views on this one. I'd really appreciate your support of my channel. Thanks.

  6. i was watching the end advert and it just cuts off
    haha 🙂
    just saying 😀

  7. Computing Forever

    Thanks Tim, I'll be sure to make a video vids about the camera in the next little while.

  8. Nice review, Dave. Looking forward to seeing it in action. I always look at Canons when I'm at Best Buy. Not sure of the difference between Canon & Nikons? Tell us more.

    Thumbs up!

    Tim 

  9. I'm more of a Canon guy myself, but I also love me some good Nikons. I find Canon have better support from software like Aperture and Lightroom.

    To anybody just starting out, a good tripod is a must (the first thing to get really!), a decent bag and maybe invest in a few cheap flood lights for some better lighting. Using Muslin is great for diffusing the light too for softer less harsh results, especially for video.

  10. Computing Forever

    Cheers mate!

  11. Very nice camera! Nice review Dave!

  12. Computing Forever

    Thanks Ben. I'm knew to this world, it seems that there is about as much rivalry among DSLR fanatics and their different brands as there is in the world of smartphones. lol! I've always liked Canon cameras too, but this was a nice cheap solution.

  13. First DSLR review I've seen of yours! Really well done, buddy! I'm more of a canon man myself however!

  14. Dsleeerrrrr

  15. boo you bought nikon

  16. Canon 5D Mark III FTW

  17. Good old days Dave. Any Tech any time any effects any cutting.


  18. This is what I'm using Dave, I think its perfect for an entry level dslr

  19. DSLeeerrrs.

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