Nikon D5100 DSLR Full Review

Nikon D5100 DSLR Full Review

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  1. Sound balance is wonderful

  2. did you have old Nikon D5100 for sale, i need to buy, because i don't have enough money to buy new one…

  3. I use this camera all the time. It is used for my videos too! (As well as the Gopro hero 4 black) I would definitely recommend this but for anyone who wants a midrange Dslr capable of great things. 

  4. Which is good the canon 600d or the nikon 5100d

  5. Aligned Revolution

    So helpful thank you for your vid. My sister's letting me use her's and I had no idea how to use it. This has given me some idea!

  6. Evans Daily Life

    I always loved Canon and have a small canon flogging like camera and was aiming to buy the 700d but could not find any in my price ranger (pre owned from ebay) so I decided on buying this camera. I haven't seen many bad reviews on it so I'm very excited to get it. Is it good with video quality with the 18-55 mm lens as its the only lens I can afford.

  7. Mr. Geek,
    I have this camera,
    But I see that, when am doing my VIDEOS, it does NOT have AUTO-FOCUS!!
    Is it TRUE? Or is it ME who am NOT knowing HOW to SET the camera properly for VIDEO??  🙁
    It's driving me crazy, because I do NEED the camera to focus CLOSE objects & words, for example,
    Since I do deal with cosmetics, and then the camera does NOT show it CLEARLY,
    Even if I try to come with the object closer!!
    And ANOTHER bad thing: WHY does that camera ONLY records 20 minutes??!
    Am getting so frustrated with this camera!!

    Please, Expert Geek,
    You are GREAT!!
    Help me!! :(((((

  8. just bought myself this camera 30 minutes ago, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  9. Shakeel Ahmed Sarmad

    my 3" is not working. it shows the photo i take and it backs out….. is it some setting or i have a problem?

  10. What an annoying f-ing into.

  11. JPG?

  12. Like the sensor so much ! I save together to a new 7100. A good lens for Nikon is the 85 mm F 1,8 and 1,4, I also like the low mm like 18 and 28 mm to this sensor.

    Sony start to do transparent mirror and monitor. I stay at Nikon else a Sony

  13. Mirosław Jabłoński

    wszystko  byloby   fajnie  gdyby    było  tłumaczone   w jęz  polskim   a tak  to  nic nie rozumiemy   co  ten  tłumaczy   jedynir  po  ruchach   i pokazie  coś niecoś   rozumiemy

  14. You said you use the camera primarily for video and you've said next to nothing about its video specs and performance.


  16. Shahazad Bagwan

    hey! i am thinking to buy this! does it have any video presets or filters while recording videos?

  17. Beware of ridiculously loud/distorted intro and outro! RIP headphone users and sensitive tweeters…

  18. Very nice review, and while you switched back & forth from Canon to Nikon, and finally settled on Nikon. My question is aimed at "Image Stabilization" and what type this camera has, as opposed to Canon's system of "IS" ?

  19. Nice video..

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