Nikon D500 Review! – The Best DSLR of 2016?

Nikon D500 Review! – The Best DSLR of 2016?

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  1. If I could win it would have to be the d500 hands down

  2. A D500 with a 18-55 lens is like a Ferrari with a 15" wheels … My eyes bled! (However very nice video)

  3. Does it run in 60 fps for video as well? :D

  4. Catanduanes Vines

    I'd choose my canon 1000d!! For as i don't have any option. HAHA!

    NICE Review!!

  5. Mauricio Hernandez Z.

    Thanks for the review, Chris. Is there any way to control the D500 via an iPad/iPhone (hopefully with live view)?

  6. You must be a used car salesman, The Nikon D500 is FAR More superior than canon expert here!

  7. awesome reviews keep doing it.
    already subscribed

  8. yeah the review for the d500 is insane. would love to own a camera like that 😍

  9. Sandaruwan Bandara (fotoMechanic)

    I Would love to have that D500
    would be nice and a big upgrade from my D5000…

  10. I would chose the nikon

  11. I'm sold!

  12. Marawan Mohamed

    the Nikon d500 is better than the 7d in specs and more practical I surly want to have one

  13. Nikon D500 would be my choice. 10 fps what I need for those indy cars zooming around the track.Excellent autofocus and a big buffer in raw. Very well designed and buttons placed out nice on the camera, for fast and easy use, that new joy stick on the camera fabulous.

  14. D500

  15. I would go for the Nikon D500.  Being a low vision photographer, I need all  the help I can get, to get good results.   The LCD screen and the improved view finder would be a real asset for my work.   I have a number of Nikor lenses and would love to mate these with the D500.   Thanks for taking the time to give us all information on this great camera.

  16. as per another review 7dm2 has much better AF accuracy score.

  17. Lisbeth Pierce-LaPorte

    "Love lost" the work was poignant. Good scenic shots, I wanted more tho. Too brief. Emotions were visible. I give it an 8 out of 10

  18. Hello Chris! It would definitely be the Nikon D500. Simply put, it's a better DSLR camera.  In terms of what a camera should be meant for, which is taking good image quality pictures. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of a camera is the image quality. The Nikon D500 has superior image quality, dynamic range, color depth, and overall better ISO low light capability than the Canon 7D Mark II. The Canon 7D Mark II is a good camera, but I would choose the Nikon D500. I just started watching your videos and they are good and quick to the point. Keep it up!

  19. TMC Photography Cork

    omg I'd love that Sony! I broke my camera 😷

  20. Nikon technically superior and sharp as a button would love one to do my vintage motorbike racing, I can then also borrow my 83 year old dads Nikon lens lol

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