Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Video Review

Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Video Review

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  1. A D7000 user manual in the D4 box? Perfect!

  2. Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!!

    You don't do Canon 1DX review? That's a shame

  3. I have this and the 1DX from canon. In my dreams though…

  4. That thing costs more than my 1000cc motorcycle!!

  5. Awesome review!

  6. زياد البلوي


  7. You don't compare this to the 7d, the d4 is a professional camera

  8. smash him in the head and kill him… hahaha

  9. whats that d7000 manual doing inside the D4 box?

  10. Rabbid Gastro Pictures

    Comparing this Nikon to Canon 7D, which one is better?

  11. You can change auto focus point on canon the same way with out the need to press a button first, you just have to enable in the menu. Still an amazing camera tho

  12. Im just watching this because the d4 is bad ass and sexy.

  13. What's your favourite lens with this camera? PS. Thanks for a cool review!

  14. 5 months later… you were right! D800 is too specialized, I would recommend it for studio and landscape shooters mostly now. 36 mp was too much for me, and made my computer sluggish and the camera felt rather sluggish as well because of the huge files. Sold mine. 5d mark iii is a much better balanced camera. In order to get that balance on Nikon now, have to go with the D4. D600 is there, but with oil accumulation issues, build quality not as good, and other missing features.

  15. It was just for a review?

  16. 28-300? :'(

  17. PhotographyREVIEW

    I loved the XQD card but you've got a good point about whether or not it will be a successful format. As for the D800, my only issue with it is not everyone needs or wants 36-megapixel files. I really wish Nikon had given it selectable RAW image file sizes. Not doing that makes it a very specialized camera in my opinion.

  18. Good overview!! The only thing I would be uncertain about that camera is the new xqd cards, not sure if that technology will last or if they will discontinue it. I think nikon took risk by putting one xqd card and one CF card. I think the d800 will be much more successful, I personally own one and I think anyone who isn't a full-time sports photographer or photojournalist should skip this one and go for the d800.

  19. PhotographyREVIEW

    Glad you enjoyed the video. After you get your camera and have it for a few weeks, please visit PhotographyREVIEW amd write a user review. I put a lot of effort into videos and written pro reviews, but user reviews are still the foundation of the site 🙂

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