Nikon D3300 Hands-On Field Test

Nikon D3300 Hands-On Field Test

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  1. Very good review. Thank you.

  2. That was great! Exactly what I needed to know

  3. This convinced me to get the d3300 over the d5300, seeing that I'm a complete noob. Thanks for that

  4. I've been using the Nikon L830 for the past 10 or so months and am looking to upgrade to a DSLR, but the whole lens thing confuses me. Instead of zooming in and out (like I do on the L830) I will have to buy different lenses?

  5. Bramulya T Subagiyo

    wow nice video man, I like how honest you are about the camera, I own one tough, and still learning myself, and I really loved it how the way you use the camera and the results, wow you really are a pro ????

  6. any good wide angle lenses for this camera for a beginner?

  7. Frozzu [Hiatus]

    INDONESIA: Hati hati kalau berbelanja di Toko "Camera" di Harco Pasar Baru Lt Dasar No.130, saya beli D3300 ini kemahalan hampir Rp.1 juta. Mereka nipu bilangnya harga untuk VR1Kit, gak taunya dimana mana juga VR II Kit.

  8. what is the best beginner/ intermediate DSLR?

    I was kind of leaning towards
    Nikon D3300, 5300 or 5500
    and Canons 70D

    I do not know what is the best and what prices are good.

  9. Are you shooting in RAW or jpeg?

  10. Nikon d 5200 vs Nikon d 3300 which is better DSLR..? 

  11. +TheCameraStoreTV Hi, you mentioned that there was no button to control ISO or whatever, but have you tried the Fn key on the left in front? I think you can set it to ISO and simply hold it while using the scroll.

  12. halfmexicanonwheels

    would you say that this camera would be good for filming skateboarding

  13. Abhishek Pandey

    I am into entry level photography, Need to my an entry level DSLR . choices are Nikon D5200 vs D3300. what do you suggest ?

  14. what kind of your lens did you used ?

  15. Whats that other lens he's using?

  16. Thanks!

  17. Angelo Villarey

    Great review! :)

  18. The moment I saw the "That moment being said" counter popped up I started laughing too hard

  19. I'm a little bit confused (nothing new there). I've read reports of the autofocus being loud. Are the autofocus motors in the camera itself or are they in the lens?

    I commented on another video asking if the focusing noise was due to the mic being internal and if it could be overcome by mounting a hot-shoe mic. I was told that the sound would bleed into the mounted microphone too.

    Another criticism I've heard (and this is about the kit lens) is that the manual focus ring is right at the very front of the lens and that it is very thin.

    I'm interested in the D3300 and am mostly interested in shooting video. While I wish to use manual focus, particularly for making a project, having the autofocus for home video/family events would be useful.

    Are there lenses that would be more suitable for shooting video than the kit lens (better manual focus ring and quiter autofocus)?

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