NIKON D3300 DSLR Camera | Most Asked Questions | #NikonD3300 TUTORIAL

NIKON D3300 DSLR Camera | Most Asked Questions | #NikonD3300 TUTORIAL

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  1. Loved the concise — yes or no — answers!

  2. hi sir .iam beginner which is best DSLR Nikon 3300 or Canon 1300D .or any other DSLR under low price ..please suggest me

  3. very helpful, thanks

  4. I own a Samsung galaxy s7 edge and also a nikon d3300 since today, and now i wonder if the s7 camera is better than a dslr, someone please tell me

  5. SpiderMonkeys Outdoor

    really great input that helps me a lot! Only the battery life time is (for me) missing. Greetings

  6. ohhh. I see Thnks!

  7. I want to ask a question! I am gonna buy my first DSLR soon! What is your opinion about this camera? Should I buy it?

  8. is nikon d3300 is best for an entry level dslr?

  9. Hi, how to pause a video during shooting ?

  10. hey! how if live view focusing and clicking on this camera?
    Also, should I get the Nikon d3300 or the Canon 700d, mostly for stills? :o

  11. Cristina Villatoro

    Hi! Enjoyed the video. But I couldn't find an answer for my current issue with my Nikon d3300. The focus box will not turn green when I'm on the Live View setting. I've read the manual and changed some of the menu settings but the focus box will stay red. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!

  12. hi sir , i want to buy my first dslr but i don't know which one , any suggestions ?

  13. Give that guy an Oscar!

  14. ‫زهراء zahraa‬‎

    Canon 650d or nikon 3300 ?
    Pls answer

  15. First, I have not dropped, slapped or miss handled my Camera (Nikon d3300), that I know of. Anyway, I can not get my aperture or shutter to operate in Manual mode. I think I may have set something wrong in the menu but I can't find out what. HELP Please.

  16. hi, do you know how to full reset the nikon d3300

  17. For the question about if the nikon will do continuous focus on video shooting.
    I noticed you had camera in AF-S mode before starting the video, but if you put it in AF-F, wouldn't that be continuous focus if you move the camera?

  18. Shaun Hopkinson (AnfieldLFC2502 on PS3)

    I would be really grateful for your help. I am looking at buying a Tamron 28-200mm to replace my 18-55mm kit lens, do you have any idea if they are compatible with each other.

  19. it has swivel lcd ?

  20. Thank you for the useful informations about the D3300.
    I own a Sony A58 and a Nikon D3300 . The Nikon is lighter and its battery keeps the power much longer but it is a poor performer in low light conditions compared to the Sony. .

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