Nikon D3200 RED DSLR Unboxing and Hands on – iGyaan HD

Nikon D3200 RED DSLR Unboxing and Hands on – iGyaan HD

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  1. does he fucking say "whats up niggaz"??

  2. looks like a toy in my opinion

  3. which DSLR Should i Buy Canon d1200 or nikon 3200 plz guide me

  4. Strap?

  5. He has no idea what is saying. It just seems like a mobile phone review. Everything is described as "NICE" :D

  6. Dude!! Did you start by saying "What's up niggas"?

  7. Getting it for $449.99 at Future Shop next week (with an additional 10% off being an open box) ^_^ [in Toronto]*

  8. which cam to but nikon D5100 or D3200

  9. great review! 

  10. EnaMikroSfugaraki

    I love his voice!

  11. TheSpidiBiStudios

    There are a lot of things over hyawrrr.

  12. This camara looks so nice, I want to get it as my first proper camara, gettign on the SLR hype

  13. BECAUSE EVERY FUCKING CAMERA IS BLACK… red is a nice change

  14. its definitely not an unboxing… they don't package it like that!! open the box and the charger is just sitting there… and see how badly wrapped the camera was… riiiiiight

  15. Josh Evangelista

    I was waiting for something to blow up.

  16. One of the dumbest reviews on the internet that I have come across 🙁

  17. the price ? 😀

  18. I thought there is supposed to be 60 FPS for 720

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