Nikon D3200 Hands-on Review

Nikon D3200 Hands-on Review

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  1. what Lens you use.. pls answer

  2. no idea how to use this camera i just dont get it. my cellphone takes better videos . What a waste of 5oo bucks Its just a paper weight now i cant use this for my channel.

  3. which one is better the nikon d3200 or the sony a6000?

  4. there is an ebay seller that is selling it new for $314 + free shipping and warranty, only 7 cameras left. comes with 18-55mm AF-S VR DX Nikkor Zoom Lens. just giving you a heads up on this deal. cheers

  5. Does anybody knows what lens does he use?

  6. just posted my video of photography iv done with my Nikon D3200 50-200mm

  7. че он сказал? норм фотик или нет?

  8. I believe I cold photoshop that pull out to where you wouldn't even know it was there. I could use gimp to do it. It would take me hours though and I would like to get paid to do it.

  9. Thinking about the D3200, is the 3300 worth the extra price or should i stick with this for my very first dslr?

  10. get to the fucking review already

  11. LOL I like you bro. Thanks for the vid.

  12. Lasley Media Group

    If you look on the balloons at 8:47, it mentions an attorney that specializes in divorces lol. That guy is taking WEDDING photos ????

  13. RaneKidProductions


  14. Hi, I'm thinking about buying a Nikon D3200. But I do not know if it's a good buy, I want to know your opinion, if I can ask?

  15. surprised the slight modifications including the much needed external mic port not even getting a half second of airtime.

  16. is it a camera review or boat review video?

  17. 1,000 Dislike :D

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