Nikon D3100 – best entry-level DSLR?

Nikon D3100 – best entry-level DSLR?

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  1. I own the Nikon 3200 and its great!!!!

  2. what lens are you using?

  3. what lens are you using?

  4. I think in order to take all the tech language out, they have made a terrible video. I was seriously considering this camera but I didn't get even a tiny bit of REAL information about the camera except that the camera is not bad. On top of that, ridiculous and obnoxious "damn care" attitude of this guy was enough to distract me from the real topic continuously.

  5. Will you do a updated video of the newer dslr entry level Great videos btw.

  6. ruthjane rizojose

    which is better canon eos600d or nikon d3100 ??

  7. I got this cam

  8. Im getting this camera!!!!

  9. You stole that cap its still got security tag on lol or is it the hook lol

  10. lol autofocusing? turn on the manual mode!!!!!!  and the kit  lens sucks you can always change the lens

  11. KaneDesigns - FREE INTROS

    im looking for a professional standard video camera for £500 or less for when I go to collage etc any ideas?

  12. It says it can print out to 20xe0 inches. Does anyone tried

  13. I got this camera without watching the review, I was praying he would say something nice about it xD Im happy I made the right choice!

  14. i let my aunt borrow it and her city's humidity is very high. so one day she put some what she said "anti humidity gel" or whatever inside the camera bag. and a few weeks later it melted. it leaked all over on the camera. those liquid is like oil, it doesnt get dry. Now the camera wouldn;t turn on any more and i can see leak and rusty inside the LCD screen. >:(

  15. Tag what tag?

  16. Hello my name is Ser nay.
    I know your photography and also know a lot about camera. I have a camera Nikon d3200 and I cannot take a picture. I can only record the video but cannot take a picture. If you can help me I will appreciate it. I know you have a lot experience about the camera. 

  17. Please do a review of sony slt a58, it is no too expensive and i would like your opinion about the camera vs other brand models

  18. Desde que vi la etiqueta de la boina no pude volver a concentrarme en su explicacion.

  19. mine works like a charm

  20. this cam has a nice sensor, supposed to have same/better iq than most rebels..

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