Night Photography Tutorial – Focusing – Light Meter – Camera Settings Tips

Night Photography Tutorial – Focusing – Light Meter – Camera Settings Tips

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  1. Fantastic, since I have an idea. I try it and hope it works. Tnxs for this helpul tips. God speed… 

  2. Hey buddy Thanks for this video. It educate me a lot. I'm a new user and I love taking pictures especially at night so I decided to buy a DSLR but I'm not quite familiar to the settings. This helps man. Thanks!

  3. I shoot a lot of action shots at night – under fire light or with fire as lighting, most of my subjects are active and performing with a prop that is on fire. 
    I am having difficulty with capturing my subject so that they are visible and stopping the fire- rather than long exposure with the fire trails. 
    I can't use a tripod either because of the way the performers move, I need to be able to get in front of the subject – quickly and take the shot.
    I am using a Nikon d610 (I just moved up from a d3100) with a lense that has a max f stop of 4.5. 

    any advise?

  4. Off The Break Paintball

    Great bid…thank u so question, if a person is in the pic, must they remain completely still…will motion blur occur if they move a little w let's say a 30 second shutter?!

  5. Can you explain how hyperfocal distance works?

  6. really helpfull thnx :)

  7. Sebastian Tröger

    why is your voice outside bether than inside :I?

  8. i like this man he can teach will with out the gear 

  9. Thank you. Great video. 
    I do have a question though : Why do i have to turn VR off? 

  10. is that you denzel W.? the way you talk like it.


    Thanks for the inspiring tutorial and hope to have good photographs in night.

  12. can you use this same principal for film photography? (35mm)

  13. time to get a tripod!

  14. So helpful . Now I understand ???????? thank you!

  15. I own a camera dsc-w630, I do not know a good use I do not have a program to me help me to change the shape and size of images, please and thank Assistant

  16. Very helpful:) I'm having a hard time getting my subject (person) in a good focus..any tips?

  17. PhotographersOnUTube

    It's suppose to be like that. That dreamy smooth water look is what everyone goes after. You're fine

  18. alfred.dennis john

    Question: i am trying to shoot Ocean view at night. Its like i have the sea and the cityscape together. Since my shutter speed is 20 seconds, I never get the clear water on my picture, Coz the see is a bit of a wavy. i get the cityscape perfectly fine, but end up with a blurred or shaky sea water. pls advice.

  19. PhotographersOnUTube

    Look into Tokina 11-16 f2.8. It's listed on my Budget Photography Equipment website as well.

  20. hi i love ur clips, i got d5100 and i like to buy a macro 40mm lens and landscaping lens, can u advise witch lens i need to go for,

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