Night Photography Tips Camera Settings

Night Photography Tips Camera Settings

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  1. Damn irritating audio.

  2. I need the best set up for nikon d7200 

  3. yeah man i can do this with my Canon eos 1100D which is an entry level dslr.

  4. Maximilian Schwab

    The 660D is perfectly suitable for this kind of photography too (you don't need the latest DSLR).
    I have very beautiful photos of the moon I took with my 550D.

  5. Got your pm dude, and had to remind myself which video it was. It's really not that difficult when you know how to work a camera. The difference between the two referenced cameras would be noise performance (the 1D-X will be much more clean where as my camera (600D) will create more noise) this really only happens for long exposures at low iso due to the sensor heating up during long use. Anything you need to know dude I will be happy to help, but for now I am going to bed, peace.

  6. Heya, I'm not totally certain of what all was said back and forth there although I did read it. As far as amateur cosmotography goes what might be the difference between A 600D (t3i) and something crazy like a EOS-1D X ? I kinda figured it had more to do with which telescope or lens that the camera is hanging off of. But I can say I don't know a whole lot about it but was interested.

  7. Good morning! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My buddy Lianne made some unbelivable photos with their photography tutorials.

  8. Good one-

  9. Nice

  10. Thank You for such useful information. You are so right about learning to use your camera instead of relying on buying usually unneeded extra junk.

  11. Well most photographers I meet when I'm travelling don't seem to be such an arse, you're obviously the only one who thinks putting someone down for their choice of camera is a joke. I would say grow up but if you're an "old school photographer" you have missed the chance at that.

  12. wrong?
    i said he can use the cannon 600D you said he shouldn't.
    i said he can use that sensor, you said he shouldn't.
    i said there are techniques for sky photography, you said im wrong (how?).
    i said better lenses can help with a bigger aperture, you said im wrong (how?).
    i said a star tracker gets rid of lines in long exposure, you said im wrong (how?).
    i said if you know how to shoot you can give advice, you said im wrong (how?).
    how aren't you wrong without being autistic?

  13. nonamenumbrthree

    since you are using a smaller sensor, i would suggest using the lowest ISO you can, so reduce the noise (which should be pretty strong with your night exposures). of course a very important tool is an amazing tripod. the more sturdy, the better. i would recommend using a trigger release so you don't have camera shake also.

    that's all i can think of, off the top of my head. aside from practice. try using airplanes far away as "test stars" perhaps.

  14. nonamenumbrthree

    Hey since my comment was so harshly criticized, I thought I could give you a real reply: First and foremost you should be conscious of your limitations caused by camera/equipment. The 600D is not a full-frame sensor and therefore, you're starting off with a handicap. IDK what other equipment you're using, but try to work withint the limitations of your glass quality, etc.

    take long exposures and use a large depth of field. manual focus. depending on your actual intent.

  15. nonamenumbrthree

    as i said multiple times, i'm done debating with you. you prove your ignorance by giving some of the worst advice one could give, and twisting words around so you can try to act like you're right.

    you are the perfect example of a youtube novice and really should learn some humility. I understand that you wanted to get all tough on here because you THOUGHT you saw somebody being mean or leaving rude comments, but in the end, you can't even admit when you're wrong. Or you're just delusional ha.

  16. nonamenumbrthree

    you could have told him to use his iphone and use those sweet ass filters on instagram, but i'm not in the business of giving bad advice.

    you clearly have your priorities out of order. and that is an easy way to identify a novice. you don't tell people to buy glass and other accessories until they have a body to back it up.

    i am done talking to you, because you have no clue what you're talking about. Lets not even get into how you probably have no educational or working background in photogra

  17. so, it can be done, then he doesn't need to buy another camera or care about the size of his sensor isn't it. which makes all your points irrelevant.
    telling people they depend on the camera over their content and technique involved in the picture is how you ruin photography. the camera is a limitation that the photographer has to deal with, if you know how to shoot you can give advice, if you don't know you find a camera with less limitations but you still didn't learned anything.

  18. nonamenumbrthree

    i didn't act like a prick. i made a joke. which apparently is not common around here. maybe im just from the old school photographer world. the one that you can make jokes. the one that you could say "throw away the canon and get a nikon". silly me to think i was around other photographers that would have laughed.

    if he were to actually care for an realistic question, he would be inquiring more. and then i would have given him an educated response. so please stop crying over nothing.

  19. nonamenumbrthree

    wow. so i have to clarify to you AGAIN? I NEVER said "it can't be done". so you should probably check those quotations. you are putting words in my mouth to appease your agenda.

    stop giving bad advice. people like you RUIN photography. stop telling people that it's okay to use consumer cameras…as long as you buy nice lenses, expensive german filters, or whatever else you come up with.

    your point is irrelevant, because you completely changed around my point. so i am done with you. good day.

  20. I don't care what your saying now, just you acted like a prick saying "buy a real camera first" instead of actually helping him and being supportive to a person new to photography. If everyone acted the way you did nobody would learn anything and we'd all be anti social and hate each other. Change your attitude is all I'm saying

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