Newegg TV: Panasonic Lumix G2 DSLR Overview

Newegg TV: Panasonic Lumix G2 DSLR Overview


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  1. The iA button does not mean "intelligent autofocus" – it stands for "intelligent auto" which means that pressing this button lets the camera take full control of the settings…not just the autofocus!

  2. christopher gundersen

    i love the leica style silver box

  3. Does it have a memory with it? if so what's the capacity of it.

  4. will the hood for the lens reduce glare when you take a picture against a window

  5. @barabas61 The iA is quite a nice feature – but to enjoy the G2 you should really use the AP mode and than the M mode. I've been using this cam for one year now and I learned alot. (Next cam will not be a Panny..!)

  6. @AlexT1994 It's the lenses you get it with. Just purchase the body and get the HD 14 – 140 mm lens – maybe the best combination.

  7. Hey, what is the difference between the DMC-G2K and the DMC-G2W???

  8. does it shoot in 24p ?

  9. Technically not a dslr but whatever

  10. Sebastián Krupnik

    Hi ! Do you know if this G2 has identical video quality to DMC-GH1? I need the camero for Video features. Thanks for your answer !!!

  11. @Manpinkster3 As you surely know they call these type of cams "EVIL" now which is quiet funny…

  12. @javyuma are you stupid? for £5000 cameras they dont even include one….

  13. I think its poor you pay £600 and they don't include a memory card.

  14. great review ig ot this camera and ia m very happy with it 🙂

  15. Not a DSLR…. I'd rather call it a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens camera. Other than that, M4/3 ftw

  16. Im getting it for christmas!

  17. Great review but you are apparently misinformed. This camera is not a dslr. It is a mirrorless system camera. A dslr uses a mirror and a prism to reflect the image, whereas this type of camera simply uses a sensor to capture the image.

  18. the supreme combo give away was just a scam to get them to mass email you about their stuff..

  19. Does anyone know who won the supreme combo?

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