Newborn Photo Techniques & Strategies, Part 1, Julie Klaasmeyer, Photovisionvideo

Newborn Photo Techniques & Strategies, Part 1, Julie Klaasmeyer, Photovisionvideo

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  1. barefootbutterfly

    Thank you very much for posting this video & showing the real life way things happen at a newborn shoot! I find so many of the videos online these days make it look so easy when in actual fact about one out of 10 shoots is 'easy' lol. :)

  2. cool!!!

  3. LOVED IT ! 
    Thanks for share this AMAZING video.

  4. Very informative! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for this video! Love the content shared. I agree that the interviewer should have had more time where she just observed. Thanks again!

  6. With my Nikon, I have the option of shooting with the mirror up, to prevent the sound of the click. Would that be an option you can do to prevent startling the baby? Or is there a reason you would not want to do that?

  7. where's the other parts 2 and 3 ?

  8. LOL! I can't believe I've never read these reviews to clarify a couple of things, this was all done for a demonstration video. The interviewer was instructed to ask questions throughout this babies session. Would I work like that, with all the interruptions, the hair and make up, and the camera settings on a normal session? Probably not. but like I said this was an instructional video where it was necessary to talk through every situation so that we were informative. Geez, you guys are tough!

  9. This was great to watch! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. no question is stupid. seriously, i loved this video, i just got a job at a portrait studio and all this info was helpful.

  11. there is tons of websites where real honeys sharing videos that are way better than these vids, i get it you all too lazy to search so ill tell you where i go copy paste this GIRLCM.COM

    Suppose for a moment that God began taking from us the many things for which we have failed to give thanks

  12. stupid Questions

  13. The interviewer was so annoying!

  14. 31:10 – Blondie asks, "Have you ever worked with anything that, like, vibrates at all?" (Long uncomfortable pause). Brunette responds, "Nooo." Hahaha!! Great video though. Thanks for the tips. (And laughs)

  15. Kimberly Martinez

    What kind of camera was used?

  16. Thank you for sharing this. Very helpful!

  17. Tatyana Valda Belinda Hill

    From my viewpoint (as a photographer trying to improve "strategies and techniques" in this area) the questions are really very helpful and spot-on what I would like the photographer to tell me.

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