NEW: Sony a99 DSLR Camera

NEW: Sony a99 DSLR Camera

- in SONY


  1. Hey Sony! This is Tim, and I am now over in the middle-east (Abu Dhabi) for a while. My NEX-5 has been having some issuses with the extreme heat, moisture, and dust. Do you all have a rugged camera you can suggest?

  2. this will be a problem 🙁

  3. Zulkarnain Shaari

    @steadiworkz, i don't think so, if Canon/Nikon, dats no problem about mounts.

  4. will canon mounts be available ?

  5. Pretty good price for those specs…

  6. TMT Oh my goodness…

  7. Beautiful *—*

  8. CameraStore TV beat you guys to it (First Hands on)
    Still Awesome Vid and Super Awesome Camera

  9. that blew my mind

  10. wheres my Cookie

  11. First 😛

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