NEW – Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D) Hands-On Review – Best DSLR Under $500?

NEW – Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D) Hands-On Review – Best DSLR Under $500?

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  1. +DSLRVideoClassroom Are you the same guy that runs +UltimateSurvivalTips. Going by your voice, you have to be the same guy.

  2. Sawyer “Sawyer14” Liam

    I really need to know quick does this have a mic input!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the review Dave

  4. I have the T3 now, what should my next camera be?

  5. Is the 600D better than my HX 300 sony cybershot ? Photo and video ?
    I'm considering to buy this 600D when i'm able to

  6. does this have a front camera? like to record youtube videos

  7. Can you do manual focus in video mode?

  8. I'm a beginner and i dont know which camera to choose. I narrowed my chooses down to the Canon T3i and the Canon SL1. I mainly intend to take photos of friends and some landscape shots. Which camera would be best for me and if so any recommendations?

  9. I want to use a camera for making videos, which one should I get
    Canon t3i
    Canon t5
    Which audio is better

  10. Ta'Mika “LifeOfALupie5” M

    I just bought this camera and every time I'm shooting it cuts off randomly. Could the settings be wrong or is it a defect with the camera ? Someone please help. 

  11. I have never had a DSLR camera before and all my friends suggest this camera even a professional dude. This will be my first DSLR and I'm very excited thanks man now I know what I'm about to buy! 

  12. Planning on getting either this or a T4i for video shots!

  13. Elizabeth Carlisle

    Does this camera have manual focus instead of autofocus. I hate when cameras just focus on what they want. 

  14. Great review !!!

  15. thank you so much for this review! i just purchased this camera to start my youtube channel!!

  16. Does anyone know if this Camera comes with a Lens?

  17. Is T3i good for making YouTube videos? (for youtubers)

  18. Does the lens not come with the camera.

  19. Thank you. Its very informative for me as I am going to buy this camera shortly. Meanwhile, which lens do you suggest me to shoot video with blurry background ? 

  20. Bonnie Nurnberger

    I have a small problem here if you can help me out. I tried to use Windows live movie maker edit my videos shoot from my Rebel , but it turns out the audio is detached. the sound is always behind few seconds. why it is that?

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