Natural Light Portraiture – Get A Little Known Secret!

Natural Light Portraiture – Get A Little Known Secret!

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  1. jhun rey licuben

    subscribed ^__^

  2. Alessandro Baragona

    Beautiful photos as always…I wonder if the photos result the same with a smaller reflector, you used a "big" reflector to fill a little area of the model

  3. Good tips, thanks. But I personally would not let that fence and grass in front of the model; there's no reason for them to appear in the picture in front of her, as they take the focus aways from her; they are hiding most of her body, and it makes it look like she's hiding in there and away from the viewer. I also would position the sun more away from her face, as it's creating a white fog/beam in front of her and impairing the view. For the lighting I think a flash would be better in this condition as a fill light, as the setting sun light is weak to be reflected and used as a fill light. I think the reflector is a better choice when the sun is harsh, high in the sky. Just my two cents. The pictures look beautiful nonetheless. ^^

  4. There is no best way to do it !

  5. donmarciano1981

    Poor Fabiane…

  6. stefon cromartie

    what camera do you shoot on if you dont mind me asking

  7. Lizbeth Ann Williams

    lovely…. i love it, great photographer,

  8. @Karl, your videos are very inspiring and good learning to become a good photographer… thanks a lot!!!!

  9. Cool video man… Refreshing to hear someone that knows what they are talking about for once!

  10. Love the Canon 85 1.8 considering it's 350 bucks !  Great lens. And yes I know that's not what he's using 😉 Like this guy's method and tutorials.

  11. Hi Karl, probably somewhere there is a solution for my question in ton of comments. But could you please advise which Program mode to use and which mettering mode use in situation like in video.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. with a cute model like you had, I could be too a professional photographer in no time :)

  13. Neil De Westelinck

    I notice that lot's shoot with large apertures. 
    I own a 85 1,8 and a 50 1.4
    When I shoot them wide open I always end up with some mis-focus. I have tested them both by calibration. 
    Now, I know that at such apertures the chance of having not the correct focus is very high. 
    How do you deal with this?

  14. Hi Karl,
    Where can I buy that reflector? Thanks.

  15. Thank you sir for sharing the information,.. i have an 18 mm to 135mm lens..and my maximum aperture is 4. As you said aperture should be 1.4 and above…do you think f4 or f5 would be good enough? i want to take pictures of my friend who is expecting . Do you think my camera is good enough? And what should be the settings?

  16. aian christ Tingting

    the model is very very hot

  17. I'm sure some has already asked this but I'm guessing you use a ND filter then?

  18. Roberto Licardie

    Easy a quick explanation! Definitely worth subscribing! Thank you :)

  19. thank you :)

  20. Should the sun be caught in the frame with the subject or out of the frame before taking the shot, or cropped out later?

    F1.2, that must be very expensive.

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