Natural Light Portrait Photography – Golden Hour + Tips

Natural Light Portrait Photography – Golden Hour + Tips

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  1. How is the effect called at 3:41? Or what did you do?

  2. U see her bra

  3. Beautiful photos and a beautiful model!

  4. silvia hernandez

    what app do you use to edit?

  5. My gadar must be getting better. I knew from the start these two were bouncing.

  6. Have you tried Fuji?

  7. Heyyy! Do you use reflector too ? i like the pictures you take. I am beginner, and never shooted people before but i do soon.

  8. shes gorgeous!

  9. TBH The shooting lesson

  10. She's so beautiful.
    I love these pictures!

  11. Good work.

  12. Duane “dwsphotography” Wyatt

    hi, i do like your videos they are good and you can learn from them, however i do think there is a lot of things i feel you have bad habits on. for instance you chip a lot, in other words you check the screen on the DSLR a lot which gives me the idea you are not that confident as a photographer. Also the composition of the portraits could be a little better as well like try cropping them and the photos are a little too over saturated. I'm just saying because i do photography and i love when people critic my work because it means i have to become better at what i do. good work though keep it up x

  13. You my dear fall under the photographer overnight list.

  14. The parameters of your camera has nothing to do with the image (OK large aperture will make more bokeh and long exposure could make water look smoother but the subtler difference will be negligible). Also the light will never be the same even in the same location, so there is no use trying to pay attention to the numbers and attempting to recreate a photo with a similar quality with the same parameters. I'd focus more on the focus and composition… Also for golden hour fill flash would be necessary, especially when you complained about the background being overexposed… In conclusion, shoot more and talk less, and you'll be a better photographer.

  15. Alessandro Sacco

    I don't think any of those photos, with the exception of the last couple once with the fence, were special. Pretty average/standard shots actually. The model, however, was really good and really made the photos. There also were a lot of hard shadows, which is not good for portraiture because they are distracting. The use of flash or even a reflector would have made the pictures even better. Finally, the difference between 100 and 250 ISO is essentially negligible, especially with your full sensor Canon 5D mark ii.

  16. Loriane Randria

    i love those kinds of videos, if you could do more it'll be sooooooo great! love ur work xoxo

  17. this is a sweet video. thans for showing us the details

  18. มารตี บุญมี

    what lens ? PLS

  19. Do you use Photoshop or Lightroom to edit? :)

  20. WoW! I can't believe that there are so many people that think that the ISO setting matters this much?! I know studio shooters that shoot at ISO 200 all the time… I've even shot at ISO 1200 while using my Profoto studio lights guess I should sell my studio and stop doing photography lol.

    Here's a hot tip, if you have to ask what camera setting were used to shoot something then it doesn't matter what the settings were… Also you are asking the wrong questions ;-)

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