MyStudio Jewelry Photography Tips and Techniques – Pt. 1

MyStudio Jewelry Photography Tips and Techniques – Pt. 1

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  1. LucyStewart1981

    This looks great but on amazon, it doesn't appear to come with the lighting, only the panels and stands. I notice what you're using says 'my studio' on it and it appears to have lighting on it…is this something I'd have to purchase separately?

  2. Where did u get the black reflective panel. Ive been looking for one and can only find huge ones. I want one the size like yours. Thanks

  3. Daily RandomPick

    my bf's cousin bought one from him and i just bought big one from him on amazon..

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the Video. Very useful tips are mentioned.  Followed your tips I captured few jewelry photographs.

    Here is the result: 

  5. Photographer Overnight

    You will find there are a lot of photographers out there who will tell you you're not good enough, but there are also photographers who are happy to share their knowledge and skills with you, so soak up all the knowledge you can get. Attend local seminars or classes that are available to you, get on Facebook photography group discussions, or follow helpful youtube channels with great photography tutorials like mine at Photographer Overnight. :)

  6. Photographer Overnight

    As a photographer, there will be times when you feel like quitting for one reason or another, but just remember the reasons you got into photography in the first place. Sharing your artistic talents with others is rewarding in many ways, but can also be frustrating or stressful. Remember the compliments people have given your work in the past and hold on to those so that dissatisfied clients or criticism from others doesn't bring your whole world crashing down. Try to let the negativity in your life roll off your shoulders and focus on doing what you love. We love helping aspiring photographers succeed in their business and have created an entire youtube channel with tips and tutorials to do just that.

  7. Shree Vella Wedding Photography - Gold Coast, QLD

    Hey this was really informative! I have been looking into doing some jewelry photography and your video has really helped me to understand more about it. Thanks very much :)

  8. I know you said you use F4 and 1/20 or 1/30 shutter speed, what you set the ISO? I am taking pictures of a plastic bottle, but if I white the background, the bottle seems  over exposed. If the product looks good, than the white ground darken a little.  How can I get a clear bottle with an almost white 255 background? Thanks.

  9. Yes, this is what I'm looking for. Thank you very much for your excellent works!

  10. Canon 600D with 60MM micro lens is it ideal camera for Jewelry Photography with ur MyStudio MS20j kit?

  11. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios

    It is an older Canon Powershot SX100 IS. It is not made anymore. The camera was used to show that you can get good photos even with a consumer level camera, however I would recommend that you purchase at least an entry level DSLR camera for product or jewelry photography. You will have much more control over your photography and better final quality.

  12. hi
    i am jaffer from INDIA
    i like the tutorial
    wich camera model u have youse taken those images canon model

  13. Nice tutorial :)

  14. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios

    Hi Guna, you can purchase the "MyStudio MS20J" kit from Amazon, B&H Photo, or Adorama Camera. You can also purchase it from our website. The link is above in the Info section of the video.

  15. MyStudio® Table Top Photo Studios

    Hi Cheryl, yes you can purchase the "MyStudio MS20J" kit from Amazon, B&H Photo, or Adorama Camera.

  16. Truly enjoyed your video and tips. Is there a kit I can purchase such as yours?
    Thank you! Cheryl

  17. Antoinette Mendoza

    I loved the tutorial!!

  18. I am looking for such a kind of a photo table. Where can i buy this MyStudio MS20J table top.Would appreciate if you can Kindly guide me about the whole set up pls. Thank you.

  19. awesome video

  20. i loved this video so much

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