Movi 4k camera, No samsung cameras and more. DSLR FILM NOOB podcast Ep 76

Movi 4k camera, No samsung cameras and more. DSLR FILM NOOB podcast Ep 76



  1. Hey, I was wondering if Devin could go over what his setup is like for the run and gun stuff he does for news. Maybe add it to one of your shows. I'm currently a news photographer and I use the station's JVC 890. It's big and clunky but it has all the pro features you need to move quickly. I feel having dedicated buttons and switches for white balance, nd filters, gain, and separate rings for iris, focus, and a zoom servo, make me perform my job at light-speed. However, there are times when I freelance on the side and use my t4i. It's not kitted out. The only thing I use to make me a little faster is a monopod with a fluid head on it. I have a good feeling Devin's setup is bit more intricate and functional. What do you use? What additions have you added to give you more speed? Like always, I really appreciate the three of you guys. Thanks for all the great info!

  2. I'm scraching my head over why a dslr shooter (let alone a noob) would pay 600 for a tascam dr701 over the 70d which costs half as much and is identical except for timecode and slightly improved preamps. For $300 saved you could get an ok new mic or a great used one.
    Has the definition of DSLR Noob expanded to include can buy twice as expensive gear on a couple of extra features that would only be used by pro's anyhow?

  3. I think the CEO clearly said that the Movi does NOT record the 4K image in one of the CES interviews..

  4. i think you did not hear the ceo properly he said the movi records the mixed video and you can upload it on youtube

  5. i remember griffin on indymogul used his gh4 as his webcam for their youtube live show

  6. I wanna go to NAB . . . .

  7. wireless washer dryers . . . . well I would like to be able to set my dryer to 80 min and not 60min . . . like if I leave the house and gonna be gone longer. so not bad idea, but don't know what else I'd use it for.

    oh letting cloths soak in washer for a while is cool too. leave it on stall and leave the house and start it whenever. . . . . oh the future. If only I had washer/dryer hookups in my apartment.

  8. true to the audio gigs. I did that for awhile. Alot of ppl will short change you though. If you have your own gear and lot of free time thats cool, but when you are busy I wonder why someone would even call me if they are only paying $150 for a 15 hour shoot. When I ever I read "must have own gear" and "professional" I question the ad. There is nothing wrong with renting.

  9. Good question about logitec . . . also they don't work well with mac . . . and now with my mac I can use it with G+ (unless I go through another software like manny cam, but that degrades the quality).

  10. streaming to facebook is huge now too . . . .I'm actully gonna try streaming to facebook to promote my youtube now. Facebook doesn't like Youtube videos so they like to push them down . . . . . damn facebook wanting all the attention.

  11. Slim down . . . DeeJay having a garage sale?

  12. have you shoot anything on either the tokina cine zooms or the vaydra cine primes?

  13. TechLeatherCraft

    Samsung might have something at CP + show. Probably not NAB

  14. So sad about Samsung. The NX1 was really promising, there just wasn't a lot of lens adapters available at the time, which made it difficult to purchase

  15. Dmitri Tsitelauri

    DeeJay, sorry for off topic… which adapter do you use for your sony a7s and does it support VC on your tamron 24-70? Thanks!

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