Most Compact DSLR Alternative – Panasonic GM1 Review

Most Compact DSLR Alternative – Panasonic GM1 Review



  1. Good Review Oliur

  2. What other lenses do you use?

  3. Abdelilah Tantaoui

    super clean carry on that way bruh

  4. Whew Man! Love your Work! Video is Super Crispy!!!! Great Camera!!

  5. I cant decide this model with Olympus pen7. Any advise?

  6. What about the fujifilm x100s?

  7. Oscar Martínez

    I dont care about camera at all but i enjoy it the video

  8. TheLazyMonster 01

    Nice vid, are you still using your apple leather case?

  9. Beautiful, clean video. Great stuff Oliur!

  10. Hey Oliur i love your videos and your instagram, big big fan! How about for your next video talk about like design/typography/creative industry. Would love your take on that!

  11. Good review, simple and honest. I also have a GM1 and couldn't agree more with the pro's and con's.

  12. You are amazing!

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