Model photography with Olympus E-5 professional Fourthirds DSLR

Model photography with Olympus E-5 professional Fourthirds DSLR



  1. This is not professional work, highlights are blown in half (if not all) the ilustrated photos. A professional will understand what I am saying. But I can't complaint more, the title says the camera is Professional not the fotographer, though many people that try to learn photography might think that this is how a Pro photograhper does it.

  2. what is the lense he use during in the sea and waterfall area, please help me id them

  3. kind of a "Hasselbladish" look in those phtos. Olympus is quite confident in their all-4/3" system.

  4. It looks like mounted flash is Olympus FL-50R, mot sure about second one another man is holding but is does look like Olympus native RC system

  5. What Wireless trigger is he using? It doesn't look like it's made by Olympus.

  6. the model looks like don't know how to pose at all

  7. @cLickphotographySEA but is it worth buying over the E-3? the E-3 is just as weatherproof right? 🙂

  8. Deodato Lourenḉo

    Just bought one a few weeks ago. Better in low light than the E3! Filters are great little bonus! Higher ISO is better also!

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