Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras: What’s the difference?

Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras: What’s the difference?



  1. Iain Hamilton-Cummings

    Fkn hell man!! That was intense!!!

  2. nathaniel Lennon

    Where can I buy that shirt?

  3. i love the way you say froknowsphotos jared..and your hairstyle..and the way you present your videos..your information is crisp,to the point and always helpful..this is my favourite photography channel..thanks n love

  4. Torsten Neuendorf

    a really big thing you are not talking about is the flange focal distance. mirrorless cameras in general have a way smaller ffd because there is no need to house a mirror in between the flange and the sensor. this sounds like a techie talk but it has a huge influence when you are choosing your lenses. the smaller the ffd the more lenses you can use. let me be very clear on this point, i am talking about manual lenses here. but when you i.e. compare a leica r camera and a sony a7 then you will quickly find out that you can not use any lens on a leica r that is not a leica r lens. while on a sony a7 you can use more or less what ever brand you like. leica, nikon, canon, it will all work perfectly. so the only thing you need to take care about is pure lens quality, and because it is all manual anyway you can pick the best glass for no money at all. a leica r 90mm/2.0 is below 500$, a nikon 35/1.4 is about 600$, i have no clue about canon but i guess they had a good lens in the past too.
    so if you care about quality, or if you don't have money or if you only want to shoot video, where mostly you don't want autofocus anyway, this small ffd is a huge benefit. i hope ffd is the correct term for it in german it is "auflagemaß" i am talking about.

  5. Mirrorless have some beautiful vintage glass that you can attach with adapters.

  6. best DSLR vs mirrorless video to date! thanks Jared

  7. Ruben Kristianto

    come on guys , you guys know it 5 years from now dslr era will be fallen . sell it before it's too late 🙂 it's already happened

  8. thank you so much

  9. Get a haircut!

  10. Loved the traffic light in background :)

  11. Very helpful! Wish there was more about audio as well. Thumbs up!

  12. ThErighTeouseDUDE 3

    Sony kicks ass with their cameras mirror less is better

  13. this guy's still making videos? wow

  14. DSLR vs Mirrorless is like Boeing aircrafts vs Airbus fly-by-wire aircrafts

  15. Whats the difference? duh!!! In reality nothing much difference, both can take the same photos no matter what lens you use or what type of camera you prefer. In my knowledge if you have dslr stick with it, if you have a mirrorless stick with it, un less you are a super professional who earn a living with your gear and earn a lot then you have a choice, but for some of us taking pictures of family, birds, dogs, holiday pictures any camera will do. Even your phone camera is capable of producing very good photos, stop wasting money and at the end nobody cares what camera you use. To tell the truth not everyone who attends photography workshop make it to this business, its hard to make a living with photography, if i were you find a real job keep your money and forget about making a living with photography, coz everyone with a camera is a photographer.

  16. Lastname Holmes

    great content – love it

  17. will D Sony a7r beat up 5d mark ii?

  18. Very well explained video Jared without the usual histrionics that usually come bundled with these comparison videos :)

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