Meet Nikon’s new flagship 4K DSLR cameras — CES 2016

Meet Nikon’s new flagship 4K DSLR cameras — CES 2016

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  1. 3 minute 4K video recording limit A JOKE

  2. The price of the d500 pls?

  3. nice slider panoramas )))

  4. only 20mp sensor?? a7r has 42mp. even Canon 5ds has 50mp

  5. When will be D7 ?

  6. for the d500 it is up to 29minutes it just saves in in 3 min increments so u can shoot continuously it just won't be saved as one 29 minute file it would be nine 3 minute files that can be stitched together seamlessly.

  7. Sony A7rii is waaaaaayyyyyyyy better than this lol 4k 3min….

  8. Finally, something new for DSLRs. :)

  9. could've said the incredible iso capabilities of the d5 since that is the head turning feature of it but nahhhhh

  10. Early days of CeS
    it's the first day

  11. Well, congratulations Canon, you should notice that we are in 2016.. EVERYBODY is making 4K capable MLCs/DSLRs now.

  12. lol at that anti theft chain

  13. damn son. now Canon rrally needs to step up their game

  14. Ni Ni Ni Ni we shall say Ni again to you if you do not appease us… we want a shrubbery!!! Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni

  15. maybe canon will finally up there game and put in 4k now

  16. meet my analog camera from my grandpa that still took great if not awesome Photos #filmisnotdead

  17. D4RKCOMET - Graphic DesignTM

    Hey Look It's Faze Nikon

  18. Oooo finally a worthwhile upgrade path for me without having to invest into another ecosystem. That 3 min. 4K limit sucks though

  19. did he say images transfer when shitting?

  20. Sony A7R ii is so much better than any of these 🙂 3 minute 4K video recording limit 😆

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