Making Movies on the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge!?

Making Movies on the Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge!?



  1. can do tutorial with the thirdy app? please i wanna make cinematic but im too dumb i cant do the settings please make vid for it

  2. carlo bustos (fitlipin0)

    awesome! film. just got the samsung s7 active. so much capabilities tnx!

  3. I subscribed you today after watching your PC build Girlfriend edition and dammmn u really make some quality video / (it's namaskar ) . And I am watching and watching 👍

  4. 와 무슨 영화인줄

  5. What software did you use to edit the video?

  6. You've got some nice editing skills man

  7. Sukhwinder Singh

    the video is jaw dropping great!

  8. i wish it could be greater than 5 mins

  9. Nice video I did a very similar video on my channel only shot on the s6 if anyone could spare a bit of time that would mean a lot thanks

  10. WOW, incredible work. My next phone would be S7/S7edge

  11. The Chilled Giant

    what did you use for editing the clips ? which app?

  12. really? you tilt your phone right? landscape mode?

  13. I own an iPhone 6S Plus (always been an iPhone person) but wow! I am really impressed by the low-light capabilities of this phone. The quality is amazing, and that change of focus at 1:10 was really cool, can't do that on an iPhone as smooth as that. Long story long, awesome short movie. Good job bud

    p s, color grade tutorial? I loved the film look

  14. I just made my first s7 edge short film on my channel. check it out and give some feedback if you want

  15. are you using the pro mode?

  16. low light capabilities are awesome

  17. lukehasproblems

    does s7 film 60 fps

  18. can you do an adobe premiere tutorial pleaseeeee

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