LG G4 Camera VS $4000 Canon DSLR

LG G4 Camera VS $4000 Canon DSLR

- in CANON


  1. I'm Surprised no one mentioned you used a 7 year old camera for comparison.
    Digital Photography years are kind of like dog years due to technology changing so rapidly.
    But when all said and done, anyone shooting my wedding better show up with at least a Hassleblad loaded with Kodak Portra 160 film.

  2. i think the video is great and i was thinking the same about the phone taking as good of pictures as a pro cam will they have a problem with that as well ? they should make up they minds really quick because they we are moving in to the future thanks for the video

  3. xXX_stuffy phoenix420_XXx

    song neim

  4. Night shots would have been interesting.

  5. Great video! You should make the same for the iPhone 6

  6. I'm selling my Canon 650D , now!

  7. song please?

  8. nice thank you

  9. LG G4 WIN

  10. What's the song used when he was taking the pictures?

  11. The music was annoying. Thanks for comparing.

  12. best bullshit video! Fuck advertising

  13. more like $2,000 today, definitely not $4,000 for 5DII with 24-70 glass

  14. Thanks for the comparison. I'm currently using the G3 and will go on to the G4 based on this video.

  15. Yve “Cieux” R

    Excellent analogy!!!

  16. Smartphone is fine if you want everything to be in focus! Canon wins hands down, bigger sensor, and notice all this test is Outdoor which is favourable for cameras. Same test in a low light situation and the phone wouldn't stand a chance!

  17. Nice. Great to have the comparison by a pro. And his comments. And the first few photo comparison s.

  18. as someone who is not a photography savvy, i can't see a fucking difference. could someone tell me how far you see difference in terms of quality?

  19. From my point of view this is a very bad comparison, a complete thumbs down to this video from me. All he did was test in auto mode.. and DSLRs are not meant to be used on "auto", especially by professionals. What he should have done is REALLY compare how this phone can keep up with a DSLR- with all the available settings the phone has – change the iso, shutter, white balance.. ; compare the RAW files, flash, all that is available to the user. But all he did was shot some jpgs in auto and said: yep they're good. HOW IS THAT A COMPARISON TO A DSLR?!

  20. Good review. I'd also like to see a comparison in low light conditions to see how effective the G4's optical image stabiliser is, and high ISO noise levels. Californian sunshine makes most cameras look reasonably good 😉
    I certainly need my SLR still, but mainly when I need to use my large Nikon Speedlight, which of course a phone will never compete with.

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