Lens You Should Get for Your Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera

Lens You Should Get for Your Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera

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  1. Rodolfo Meerhoff

    Great videoThe difference is I've got Sigma 105 mm for macro pitures…
    Greetings from Montevideo

  2. please what about the quality of the pictures ( the details-colores-saturation-sharpness-efficiency of VR-focuse speed ) took with highest zoom in both lenses Segma18-200 and Nikon18-105 ?? thanks

  3. I wish to buy a DSLR. Which camera within the same range as D5200 is better and which lens? I really need good zooming but not that good quality.

  4. What's that black thing you placed on top your lens

  5. Dear dial2fast,

    Is (Sigma 18-200mm Contemporary) lens working fine with (Nikon D5300 )?
    I need to know for Auto-focus , is it working fine with this lens on Nikon D5300

  6. can i use the nikon 35mm f1.8 g DX for landscape shots?

  7. I have only nikon 18-55mm lens sall i take another 55-200mm lens or 70-300mm lens

  8. very good information, but I need to take a look again because I am a beginner I will recommended to any beginner. This is probably going to be my new hobby.

  9. Do you ever carry both 18-55 and 18-200? If you do – why? Thanks for the video.

  10. Great reviews!

  11. I will always have love for a father that thinks of his kids no matter what he is doing!!

  12. You're Missing so much in Life owning all those zoom lens…
    Good choice for 35mm though, Sharp Sharp! Cheap Cheap!

  13. Really liked this video… I'm just starting out in DSLR photography (Nikon D60, 35mm and 18-55mm lenses) so your video was very informative, any ideas for next lens and camera body?

  14. What lens would you say would be best for filming YouTube videos? I'm not very good with my camera since I'm new at it, but I can't stand the kit lens it came with because the autofocus is so loud. I even got a Rode Video Mic Pro and it doesn't cancel out the noise of the autofocus :/

  15. i am planning to buy nikon d5200 for wildlife photography, and am a beginner. which lens are recommended ?  some suggestions would help……..

  16. N Hai Nguyen (Skyline ゴジラ)

    Should I go for Nikon 70-300 VR for travelling? I own a D5300

  17. .. .

  18. ةةتن

  19. Thanks for this video….are you in Atlanta?

  20. Ayanna Shabazz (ayeeyanna)

    Your statement is very true I'm just starting out with photography. I decided to purchase the d5200 and I've had it for a few months now, but I'm ready to get a new lens because the kit lens just isn't settling for me anymore.

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