Landscape Photography Tips & Shoot with Huntington Witherill

Landscape Photography Tips & Shoot with Huntington Witherill

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  1. Hi Marc, I'm a long-time subscriber. I really enjoyed this series with you and Huntington. Also, interesting comment about the fire.

  2. Very nice video. Thank you.

    I am a budding landscape photographer and as of recently I have noticed that my pictures are lacking focus or rather poor in composition. Can you give any advice about composition and how to get inspiration?

  3. Horrible dust spot on one of the black and whites!

  4. jillian horsley

    I always enjoy watching pro's, their approach is so smooth , their knowledge , confidence is knowing EXACTLY how the shoot is going to go. Many thanks for another great vlog.

  5. I love when Huntington says that photographs are not real. :-)

  6. what kind of filter was he using? i mean the brand and model.

  7. There you go. What all enthusiast photographers ever dreamed of. Being there, with a great photographer, while he's crafting his image. Thanks a lot

  8. love the magnetic filter holder. =)

  9. Yury Feoktistov

    Thank you for this video and for others too!

  10. Very good info on using the ND like he did; I have not thought of using one on overcast/fog as he did. Again, just love Carmel … with those waves in the background I could almost smell the cool crisp air that accompanies it. :0)

  11. Nice information. Were you using a Canon lens with the Sony body? Which body is that too. Thanks.

  12. Advancing Your Photography

    Great to get out with Huntington on this shoot. If you're wondering about the orange cast in the light, it's from smoke in the sky from the Big Sur fire south of us :(

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