Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

Landscape Photography Tips and Tricks

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  1. How much money do you usually get for your photography? Sorry for the some-what of a personal question

  2. This is a truly pleasant channel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Not sure why everyone's hating. I enjoyed the video…

  4. There wasn't too many tips and tricks here. The phrase "you guys" was used 30 times, which was 20 times too much. If you're into gear, you should manage to focus better.

  5. Christopher “Free Will” Scott

    Nice video. If your still in North Georgia, maybe we can go on a shoot together. I live in Dahlonega, and there are all kinds of landscapes out here.

  6. Did you have an umbrella over your camera in the rain?

  7. Hey man, cool vid. I really enjoyed it.
    How do you shoot without the centre column? My one has the magnesium base attached to it. Did you have to get a really short one or something? 

  8. How did you know how long the first photo should have been exposed? You said it was 15 sec with ISO 50 however I struggle with this sometimes to have the proper exposure time – the photos are often overexposed – thanks in advance for great movie as well 😉
    By the way – new Nikons have already 5 stop bracketing 😉
    12:56 looks great – 5/5

  9. This guy is an affiliate of Amazon that why he is promoting his equipment with buy links to Amazon. His photo is pretty cool. Thanks for haring your knowledge on photography. 

  10. I really enjoyed the feel of this video, you should do more of these!

  11. Going to F22 with a kit lens is brave

  12. have you tried chattahoochoo bend state park, I have shot out there pretty nice place.

  13. I actually like your talk about equipment used in your shoots. I am a gear junkie and love it!

  14. gaetanproductions

    Thanks for the tips – Loved the first photo !

  15. Annamária Lázár

    okay, this turned out to be quite usefull, so thank you very much :-)

  16. Very good video.  I know some are critical as to some of the dialogue but to me its like you are taking a small group of buddies out with you and showing them the ropes.  Its refreshing.

  17. Went out and got great photos on a local hike.  Great inspiration.  Thx.

  18. 1:40" of ????

  19. Really loved yout shots, sure it was quite a bit of talking but I personally really liked it as it kept my attention. You sir are a cool guy haha, please do more of these sorts of videos!!!

  20. you'd be better off with a more complete with filter set, 3, 10 stop, polarizer, and stay away from F22 when possible, all sorts of stuff show up with F22, and you lose quite a lot of sharpness too.

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