Kai painted another DSLR (this time Canon!)

Kai painted another DSLR (this time Canon!)

- in CANON


  1. Kai is such a bad spray painter it makes me cringe

  2. what song is that, when he is testing the final product?

  3. thiscouldntblowmore

    That was for good cause. Video was entertaining too, until the end when it was revealed where and why the money goes. Sobering moment.

  4. AetherDreamSeeker

    I feel that a better job could have been done with the proper tape, an airbrush or paint brush, and maybe some stencils. The spray paint makes it look so cheap and you have very little control over the results. If you find the a tabletop game store you should find just about everything you need next to the Warhammer miniatures. >.<

  5. It looks much better with the white accent that before

  6. I love the guitar music they use. I wish I knew what the melody was called.

  7. How much did this actually sell for in the end?

  8. Alessandro Cooper

    kai has the driest lips ever

  9. DeGezelligeGasten !

    your video's are very fun 
    go on with making video's

  10. fugging ugly

  11. Considering all you guys had was masking tape and two cans of spray paint, that looks pretty good!

  12. That horrible paint job hurt my feelings.

  13. Well that camera is trashed, looks shite.

  14. Aditya Dhaniswara

    paint the d3x kai!! hahaha

  15. What video was it when he broke the chair

  16. Just get a proper screwdriver!

  17. Done properly (i.e. by Canon) it would actually make quite a decent look for a DSLR!

  18. I'm going to do this at home with my 1d x

  19. You can not fix stupid :(

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