iPhone 6s vs Canon DSLR

iPhone 6s vs Canon DSLR

- in CANON


  1. Is 18 megapixels good

  2. It appeared that the picture on the left was far sharper than the one on the right. What you seen was not noise it was actually detail of the label (the imperfections in printing). I'm a huge DSLR fan but I do think the Iphone was much sharper than the Canon rebel t3.

  3. What accent you speak? And also,nice video

  4. arturo hernandez

    Shut up, we want to watch the photos, whatever you speak doesn't matter

  5. Really like your videos . Here's a new subscriber ;-)

  6. Erica Equestrian (equestriangirlllll)

    I got my Canon T3 last year for $300 brand new!

  7. Thanks for the great comparison!

  8. You deserve more viewers

  9. so pretty much the iphone 6s has a dope as fuck camera

  10. that outro music is legit!!!!

  11. VIDEO iPhone 6s cs canon dslr

  12. not wow this is very good video wonder how apple did so good wiht such a small lens and sensor

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