iPhone 6 vs Canon DSLR

iPhone 6 vs Canon DSLR

- in CANON

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  1. are you kidding us?! it's obiouvs the reflex is better… you "only" need to know how to shoot

  2. picture or pitcher? :p

  3. Considering that (and is really obvious) that you are using iphone's stock camera and you are DEFINITIVELY NOT using the manual focus on the iphone (that can be easily seen on the purple flower…)  YOU ARE NOR MAKING A REVIEW you are selling a camera on amazon or is it just me? Also, i can see the flash on the picture of the lens taken with the iphone (extremely bright on a semi glossy plastic area) and of course… you are not using flash with the DSLR… In few words: you are not objective at all. i can take the same pictures andsink in mud your iphone aoto mode stock camera pictures using an app and manual focus, exposure and ISO.
    Basically: you are comparing but not in the proper way. hence, this video is not parameter of anything… even my ipod can take a better shot of the macros that you took there and with the purple flower anybody with 2 neurones working could say that you are focusing on the background…

  4. This comparison is terrible you are messing up the variables you are choosing picture from personal preference in FRAMING rather than actual QUALITY

  5. 3:38 you say the background is bright but wouldn't it be because you have those 2 soda cans shining, lol?

  6. Son camaras sin comparasion obviamente. Pero los resultados ahi estan, aunque cueste creerlo, y a mi ni me gusta apple, me quedo con mi moto X. Buen video.

  7. Que comparación mas ridícula, no puedes comparar una DSLR con una cámara para móvil !

  8. my samsung p300 makes better pictures than both of these pieces of shit

  9. just wondering how dumb you are to compare a DSLR to a crappy 1/2 sensor camera

  10. wo lighting situations wesalution

  11. I think your point of view it's wrong at all.

    Iphone can take good pictures but it have an strong internal post-process for each picture.

    The potencial of a dslr it's work directly with the raw file to have the best results.

    An iphone its more like a point and shoot camera, you can't compare apples with melons.

    Even for a beginner its better choice on that case buy a samsung galaxy IV less expensive than the iphone and have the same image quality.

    To record videos, iphone yes it does at 1080p but the compression and quality its so so, and its much better the 720p on the t3 even at high isos and richer details.

    Good video, but non sense.

  12. DSLR is far superior, but one needs to know how to take photos.

  13. sucks as hell this video is zeros

  14. compare it in low light – many cameras (including smartphone ones) don't differ much in good light conditions – the differences become apparent in low light …

  15. You will have to go deeper than that.

    And if you want to review go and review all of the features in both camera.

    First of all..
    In the last picture you showed, it's clear that you didn't focus well on the iPhone and you simply say that the Rebel is better in the last picture because of that? Well.. It was your fault!! Not the iPhone!

    When I try to test both camera on outdoor macro, I realize something, the lens that ship with my camera have a limit of 40 CM focus range, while the iPhone do it better in less then 10 CM range of focus, which is CRYSTAL CLEAR that in macrotography, iPhone is better.

    Second, I know and I see that DSLR is better and richer in color, but…. Come to think deeper, iPhone, is a smartphone! and a smartphone can download a photo editor application like Aviary or Pixlr and change the temperature, saturation and etc to make the color better than the DSLR in less than a minute! That's the advantage of an iPhone that a DSLR can't do.

    Come to think of mobility,
    Which is better? It's clear that this question is doesn't have to be answered.

    And in low light, I can't decide who is better because both camera are great.

    I'm not saying that the iPhone is better, because the DSLR is more "costumizable? Come to think of it, DSLR is better because there's mode like manual, AV, DV, which is a lot of DSLR user tent to miss, I lost my DSLR came about 6 month ago and it is a pain to see lots and lots of people using DSLR with modes like full auto, sport, and using built in flash in bright afternoon outdoor.
    And what hurt the most is, they're not buying DSLR like t3 or 1100D, they're buying something like 60D or 650D just to think that viewing your picture via viewfinder is cooler?
    It's not that I see one of my friends using DSLR for style and I angry, but, 95% people I see using DSLR for style for 6 month is painfully painful! So for young boys and girls that using DSLR for style, I suggest you just buy iPhone 6 and take a crash course for 10 minutes in Google and take your photo peacefully. Better than getting someone like me stressed and stressed.

    So at the bottom line,

    DSLR is Slower but better and softer in quality for those who learn it (myself learn DSLR for 2 month).

    While iPhone 6 is better because it's better in mobility and faster and then, because it's a smartphone you can edit the picture later.

    If it's for pro, then DSLR is your choices because iPhone 6 is for something like social network and else…


  16. I think in the last picture, rebel is better because you don't know how to use the iPhone 6's camera properly. 

  17. Comparing a chair to a table !!!

  18. the t3i shoots 1080p video. It has the option of shooting 1080p at 24fps and 30fps and 720p at 60fps. Do your research before you make vids like this.

  19. Did you seriously just compare an iphone to a dslr…..

  20. make more low light shots

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