Instagram Adds “Stories” Feature That Feels A Lot Like Snapchat

Instagram Adds “Stories” Feature That Feels A Lot Like Snapchat

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For a long time after its inception, Instagram looked pretty much the same. All the pictures were square, none of them moved, there were no in-stream ads, and everything appeared in the order in which it was posted. All of that has changed recently, however, and now Instagram appears to be taking clear aim at the Snapchat crowd with a familiar new feature called Stories.

The basic idea is that you can create an ephemeral collection of images and videos that you can then edit and add things like drawings, graphics, and text. The images are then played back in a slideshow presentation that can only be viewed for 24 hours after it’s posted. Yeah, so, pretty much exactly what Snapchat does with its Stories feature.

The Stories will be indicated by a red ring around a person’s profile picture, so they won’t really appear in the stream. Once they’re gone, they can no longer be viewed, but it seems a bit unclear as to whether or not Instagram (and therefore its parent company, Facebook), will actually hold onto the photos or any other information provided as part of the Story.

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