image quality Olympus E-3 profesional Fourthirds dSLR

image quality Olympus E-3 profesional Fourthirds dSLR



  1. I had E1 with 50-200 mm. it produces amazing shots, better looking than today's most billionpixels cameras

  2. fullframe is sharper

  3. @Bet7atify You need to understand that the lenses made for 4/3 are made specifically around that sensor. For Olympus to make a "full frame" or larger 4/3 sensor they would need to create an entirely new line of lenses based around the sensor. 4/3 technically is the full frame of the standard. A Nikon D3 is an excellent choice of a camera, should you choose to purchase one.

  4. @loco039 If they did that, none of their lenses would work and would alienate all its DSLR users


  6. the problem with olympus making a full frame is that they would have to make a completely new line of bodies & lenses. because of the lens mount, none of the already existing lenses would be able to be used on a full frame body. as they continue to improve with their sensor technology, the noise performance of their cameras is getting much better.

  7. I hope olympus come out with a full frame soon as possible.

  8. For that in movie – ZD 14-54mm.

  9. Very nice i was wondering which lens was used for bee macro?

  10. Olympus is very good. I got E-300 since three year ago and know I upgraded to CANON EOS 50D but know I need L series lenses Basically 70-200m f2.8L is.

  11. good camera, great features.

  12. you just show my favoutrite camera

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