How to use your DSLR in OBS for FREE Nikon D5300 Free Tethering

How to use your DSLR in OBS for FREE Nikon D5300 Free Tethering

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  1. So you can't add the camera as a video capture source in OBS?

  2. when im recording my games, my live view mode freezes, why is that?

  3. can someone please help, first of all its out of sync the video and the audio and my dslr turns of PLEASE HELP

  4. Savvas Imvriotis

    no live view in Nikon D3100?

  5. Have you ever tried out Nikon's software? I'm wondering what you think, since OBS would only work for capturing small images, as opposed to the full 1080p the camera is capable of.

  6. I didn't know any other way to contact you but does the usb connection recharge the battery or can only be used till battery dies???

  7. Do you have problems with the camera over heating or battery problems? About how long can you stream for this way?

  8. does it do video delay?

  9. You need a LOT of ram for this I have a 700$ gaming rig and 16 gigs of ram but live view still runs super slow with obs

  10. wait do you have to have some special chord?

  11. "Its beautiful"????????

  12. I was wondering about something with the settings… also thank you for making this video.. have literaly used 3 hours to find a program like this…

    the thing I was wondering about is it possible to fix the blurryness from the camera? i ahve trayed to see if i chould record my 3DS from the camera, but when i have the camera on the screen there is clear, but still a bit blurry… is there a way to fix that?

  13. does this method also work for camcorders?

  14. when i stream, live view doesn't move.. maybe its because my game is in full screen?

  15. Thank you men it work fine for me !! 😀 😀
    Nice video !

  16. awesome video!! so i'm guessing digicam/liveview absolutely has to be running in order for the window capture to work? or is there an alternative way of doing this without the program running so i can have minimal cpu usage?

  17. I can do this with my Nikon D3100?

  18. Joel Henningsen


  19. MrCookieKat Plays

    it wont let me press the live view thing

  20. SixthsnipeGaming

    thank you for the program it's awesome! but theres one thing i use a nikon d5100 but when i use digicam it seems to lag? is there a way to stop that?

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